Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weekend Update

Welcome back from the Holliday blog readers!

I did get to play some WoW this weekend with my wife and had some great fun.

First thing we did is get both of her characters caught up to the Hyjal dailies. She had already finished the zone on both of her toons, so there was no problem. I on the other hand am having to slog through the zone on my Druid to catch up.

The reason for doing the Hyjal dailies? Not the epic loots. She is doing it to get the pets that you receive at the end of it.

We also ran her through Underbog a bunch of times to get her exalted with Sporregar on her Paladin for another pet. To be honest, she ran me through it a bunch of times as I saw this as a nice opportunity to gain a couple of levels on my then level 62 bank alt rogue. I wore my banking clothes and just looted Hibiscus for her. I ended up at 64 and out of rested XP.

We also got in a little bit of time on out lowbie priests. We are going through some of the Kalimdor quest areas as we have never done them. I always end up going the Dward quest route or the Human quest route after a starting area.

There was also a nice chunk of gold made over the weekend. Gems and enchants are still going very well. I have been selling the Greater Intellect to Cloak enchant for 600 a pop and going through around 5 per day.

I have also been flipping items as always. I picked up the Strength to Bracers enchant for 150 gold and a Shadowspirit cut for 25 gold. They should net me around 8k.

Ore prices are starting to fall back in line with what they were pre patch, which will be good. Hopefully it continues to fall.

How was your weekend?

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