Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Selling Kits for Gold

I was reading an article on the Consortium Forums about selling profession leveling kits. The idea is that you basically provide all of the required materials for a character to go from 1-525 in a given profession and charge them around double what you paid for the materials. Obviously the article is much more detailed, but you would have to read it.

This got me thinking about selling other kinds of "kits".

The first one I thought of was a "leveling" kit. This could come in two different ways.

The first one would be a gear kit that would get them from their beginning roots to the level cap. I think that this kind of kit would be best sold to aspiring tanks. Tank gear can be hard to come by while you are leveling. Having a Blacksmith could, you would be able to craft a lot of the gear.

The second one would be a powerleveling kit. You would charge a fee per hour....say 2000 gold per person. You would grab the lowbie and give them a ride to the instance of choice (assuming you have a mount capable of carrying two people). Time starts when you arrive. They pay you the gold, you put the looting on free for all and kill the crap out of everything in site. This would work best with a pair of refer a friend toons I think. For 4k, they will probably both end up gaining around 20 level between them.

The last idea for a kit I had was a twink kit. You make or buy all of the materials you would need to give someone a starting twink kit. You could even do some twink dungeon runs with said twink for gold. I think that there could be a decent market from something like this if it was advertised properly. What do you think?

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Arioch said...

There's at least one person on my realm that was doing alchemy/inscription kits. I haven't seen them advertise in a very long time though. But if your server is high enough population, I'm sure there's a market.