Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend Update

Welcome back after another weekend that went by too fast.

I got quite a bit done over the weekend although it felt like I was mostly busy keeping gems up in the auctionhouse. I made about 50k in sales between Saturday and Sunday, and I need to get back to prospecting the 400 stacks of elementium I picked up on the cheap.

I finally started playing my level 80 Horde Warrior a bit over the weekend as well. I ran some quests over in Hyjal and then decided I wanted to start leveling his JC. I am currently at 478 and picked up my first Cataclysm cut.

I actually ran a Heroic with my wife. She really wants to get the pug and agreed to run one on her Druid. She picked up two upgrades and did decent DPS considering her gear level. Speaking of DPS....someone told my sister that you should not be doing regular Heroics unless you can do at least 13k wut? Some people are fucking retarded.

Dailies.....Im am sick of them. Did all of my Hyjal dailies on Darraxus and unlocked them on my Druid finally. My wife did a ton a dailies. All of the Hyjal Dailies on her Druid and Pally as well as all of the Argent Tournament Dailies on both of those toons....the only problem is that I am the one having to do the damn jousting quests. I am good at jousting, but I hate it. It feels like wasted time. She want the mana wyrmling, so hopefully we are not too far off (just need to get exalted with the Silver Covenant).

I also picked up herbing and mining on my level 70 Shaman this weekend. I plan on making him a second Alchemist/JC and figured I could gater the mats and gain XP at the same time. I got my herbing over 200 and my mining to around 125 or so. I have collected a crap ton of mats.

That is pretty much it. How was your weekend?

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