Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Last night I logged onto DayZ and found that most of the group I usually run with was not very far off. They were just to my west as I was directly south of Staroye.

I headed their direction, but they got into a bit of a situation.

They encounter a survivor and his buddy at the town they were in. Swad identifieds the group (with Dane and James) as friendly. The others also say they are friendly. As they look at each other, Swad apparently sees one of the players (know as Shane) switch to his rifle. That doesnt look good. They both open fire. Swad is badly injured and Shane is killed. Dane then takes out Shane's friend in a wild west shootout.

Afterwards, they patch Swad up and head back in my direction. We meet by a pond and decide to head to Staroye to perhaps find some more loot (and a better backpack for James).

As we arrive, we hear gunshots. We keep an eye on the town. There are at least two players running around down there....maybe more.

I spot Shane.....the little bastard who opened fire on our group earlier. We think he may know we are here. He creeps to to edge of a building to get a better look. BOOM HEADSHOT! Blood spurts up and Shane is dead once again.

Swad and Dane head down hill while James provides ghoster backup a ways behind me (incase someone ghosts up on me to get an unfair advantage).

I see a second player crawling throught the buildings and facing us. I take a shot. I am pretty sure I hit, but it wasnt a head shot apparently. He is not exactly visible, but I know exactly where he is. My second shot kills him.

In the meantime, Swad and Dane make his way to the second guy's body. They end up getting ambushed. Both of the parish in the ensuing fight, but they take down their opponent as well.

Seconds later, I come under fire. I am hit and have falled unconscious with about 3k health. Just as I expected may happen, a player ghosted to my location, but we thought ahead. James blasted him in the back and killed his cheating ass.

James bandaged me up and gave me a blood pack, but I still had to wait to regain my senses. It seemed like it took days. We made our way back South a ways and waited in the forrest until Swad and Dane made their way back up.

They eventually got most of their stuff although some of it seemed to have been looted. Fett logged on, but he was still over in Kamenka with a broken leg. He will be one of our next missions.

Overall, it was a very entertaining series of events. Our group took down six that night, while we lost two.

My player stats are actually quite funny at this point, since I mostly provide sniper overwatch. I have 4 murders.....and 3 zombie kills. I really need to find a ghilli suit.

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