Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Update: Wow and DayZ

I played a bit of DayZ this weekend, but most of it was spent trying to find the server everyone else was on because it was not showing up. When we were on, it was mostly either running around or waiting for other people.

There was one "firefight" where Swad, Dane, and Fett fired on someone from the trees somewhat near Cherno. They then found a camping tent that had all kinds of awesome stuff in it including an AS550 Sniper Rifle, a Ghille Suit, and Night Vision goggles. Swad got the rifle while Fett got Swad's DMR and the other two items.

We went and raided the clan camp we had found previously and I ended up getting an M-16 with an ACOG scope that replaced my CZ 550 sniper rifle. That rifle did very well for me, but I have two other guys with Sniper Rifles in my group.

On the WoW front, we actually did a few differnt runs. We ended up running Gruul's Lair and Magtheridon for some transmog gear. I got some pants and legs for my rogue.

We then decided to run a few of the Twilight Dungeons that did not start out too well. I wanted to bring my Rogue, so Fett decided to give tanking a shot on his Warrior. It did not go too well. We wiped 3-4 times on the first boss besides the two or three trash wipes where one person accidentally pulled when we were not prepared for it. I think his gear is just a tad low as the fight seemed to go pretty well until suddenly he was getting gibbed towards the end.

I hopped on Darraxus and he switched to his DPS spec and we ended up completing the second and third end time instances with no issues.

I think I am going to use my justice points to turn them into honor and get some transmog pvp gear. I am just not sure which ones I want to get yet.

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