Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day Z: To the End of the Road

Fett and I start our day in the same pub that we ended the previous night. We make our way out of the building and head outside. It is getting rather dark, which will provide some cover from Zombies in the area....and other survivors.

We creep around and look through a couple of other locations including a firehouse. I replace my double barreled shotgun with a remington equpped with a flashlight. This should come in handy. We also decide to make a quick trip over to the hospital to find additional medical supplies. On the roof I find a medical supply box and fill my bag. By this time, we have received communication from Kev. He is at our base of operations and ready to go. We slowly make our way through the creeping darkness. We are surrounded by the walking dead. Moans come from all around. We can barely see.

Fett decides to illuminate the area and throws a flare. It also doubles to draw zombie eyes. Over comms, Kev remarks at just how bright those flares are. We slowly creep towards the building and eventually get there unscathed. We decide to wait out the night there.

It is morning, and we receive a communication from a friend named Joey. He is holed up just west of Kamenka. That is a fair walk, but we decide to go and get him. He is armed with a shotgun, but not much else.

We take to the tree lines and head west. Before long, we come to large stable like structure and decide to check it out. While creeping down we end up pissing off the zombie population. We dispatch half a dozen or so of the walking dead and find very little in the building. I get a full water bottle and a can of beans.

We head back out and take to the treeline again. Fett kills a boar and harvests it for food. A bit later he cooks it up so that we may have a tasty feast down the road. While fidgeting with my gear, I accidentally discharge a shot. There is panic in the group. Shots fired. It was just me thankfully.

We continue up a hill and stay in the trees. We see movement in the distance. Survivors. One. Two. Three of them. We decide to keep and eye on them and see what they will do. Two have M-16s and one has a shotgun. One of the assault rifles appears to have a scope. We watch with binoculars, hoping they do not spot us......luck is not with us this evening.

Shots ring out in the distance, and we can hear the impact in the trees and ground around us. We are no match for them at this point being in the wide open with two shotguns and one rifle. We dash into the woods, hoping that they do not follow.

We continue West. We have a mission to complete, but we are still wary that the bandits may follow us. We stay in cover and don't stop for a good amount of time. We spot a small city in the distance and go around it. According to Fett, our destination is a bit further down the road.

Into the wilderness yet again, we lost all sight of civilization. Fett says that we should find the city once we are able to find the road again. We come over a ridge and find the road.....the end of the road. We have ventured to the western border of Chernarus. We went too far. The journey has been rough, and we decide that Joey will need to stick it out one more day. Being in the wilderness, we bed down for the night. No shamblers will bother us this far from "civilization". One more day alive.....with a couple of close calls.

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