Friday, July 20, 2012

WoW and DayZ

Well, I actually did some real honest to goodness playing in WoW after a nice little adventure in Day Z. I will get to the DayZ part after WoW.

I finally dinged 85 on my Rogue. He was the third character I ever created and he spent most of his days as my bank toon. As a matter of fact he still is. Two instances, the CoC, and a couple of additional quests later I hit the magic number.....and immediately decked myself out in PvP blues so that I could get into the new dungeons.

That leaves just my Mage without being as level cap. He is sitting at level 83 I believe.

Now, onto DayZ. I normally do it in story mode, but will just do a narrative this time as it would be a bit too complicated to write a story about.

One of my friends from highschool recently told me that he is also playing DayZ with a couple of co-workers.

I decided that it would be a good idea to meet up with them. I was to the far left of the map, and we decided that the balota airfield would be a good place to meet up.

Along the way, I found a deer stand with an Ak-74 or some such weapon, which I decided against picking up. I then made my way further East where I saw a barn in the distance. Inside, I found a Sniper rifle. Woohoo.

As I left the barn, I was attacked by another player. I was down to 3500 blood and had a broken leg. I crawled into a bush and waited......nothing. I then did a bitch quit and hopped onto another server to patch myself up. I ran a ways towards my destination then switched back to the server I was on. With the airfield in sight I started running towards it. I aggroed a zombie, and while I killed him, I took some more damage. I bandaged up and started to run again....only to aggro another one. He incapacitated me with one hit, and commenced eating my ass.

At this point, my team was not far away.

I respawned and was quite lucky to be in Kamenka. Fett had gotten turned around, so was nearby. We both started on our journey east.

The team at the Airfield all grabbed bits of my gear and held it for me while I made my way back. After a while running, we finally came withing view of the airfield. Holy crap there were a lot of zombies about. I crawled my way through the area and made it back where I retrieved all of my gear.

This game is so much more fun with a small squad. While I was re-gearing, we managed to look incredibly ridiculous. There were 4 or 5 of us proned on the ground in a circle swapping out gear.

There was also another survivor in the area, but he seemed to be busy aggroing zombies. I dont even know if he had any weapons.

At this point, I crawled off into the trees where I decided to log off.

Even though a zombie finished me off in that first life, I feel like it was the player that shot me that really did it. Had I not already been badly injured, I would not have dropped unconcious.

I had fun and plan on doing more of the same this weekend (and maybe tonight)!

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