Tuesday, July 24, 2012

WoW: Original Cata Heroics and Wrath Raids

The title is what I have been up to recently in WoW.

We got a group together to do a regular Cata Heroic. One of our group has started healing for the first time on her Paladin and is rather enjoying it. She just doesnt quite have the gear yet to do the Twilight Heroics.

We ended up getting Lost City of Tol'vir, which I always found to be quite a pain. It actually ended up being quite painless. We did not wipe, and the only close call we had was at the very last boss where the tank died, healer was out of mana, and we had to DPS him down before he killed us. I got a trinket on my rogue.

That was two days ago. Last night, we decided to run through a couple of Wrath raids. We did Sarth 10 3D, and our Healing Paladin (who is the luckiest ever when it comes to mount and pet drops) got the drake. I did not want it on my Rogue as mounts will be account bound come MoP, and I already have it on Darraxus. I did get a nifty title however. We are planning on going back and running it tonight.

We also decided that since we had started quite late, we would to Trial of the Crusader on 10 man. We wiped on the first bosses when our tank got paralyzed by green poison, and nobody was able to break it.

After that, we one shot all the bosses, and even got an achievement for taking down the Valkyries in under 3 minutes.

I am hoping to do some more transmog/achievment runs this week. Black Temple is on my list as I still have not gotten the Bulwark of Azzinoth. I also want to go all the way through Ulduar as we have never done it before.


lp.are.the.best said...

Good luck with the Black temple run :) How many people will you need ?

Darraxus said...

We usually bring 5-6 players.