Monday, July 23, 2012

Day Z: Murder Dayz

Well, there was a lot that happened over the weekend in DayZ, which made it very difficult to write it up in story for without writing a novel, so hear are some of the goings on.

On Friday, I met up with Fett and three other friends to explore the world. We logged on at the airfield near Balota and decided to check it out.

While we were there another survivor started following us around. I was quite worried that he would be stealing out of our packs since he was unarmed.

We told him to go away several times, and finally, I capped him once the show him that we mean business.

A minute later, we were under fire from a random person from over at the airfield. I was hit a couple of times and managed to bandage up.

We spotted the shooter, when all of a sudden the other guy who I capped runs into our midst with a gun. He freezes.....we arent nearly as nice this time around. Dead. The kill belongs to Dane.

We check out the other set of hangars and decided to head down to the military medical camp.

While down there, James is shot and killed by another player, but Dane and Swad take down the shooter.

Fett and I are in the treeline watching the airfield when I am hit by sniper fire. Dead in one shot.

Fett notices that there is someone ghosting around our location. As I am making my way back, I see what appears to be a sniper in the control tower of the air field. Fett comes under fire and hits the ground, but he fires back at the tower and the shots stop coming.

Both James and I recover our gear luckily, and we move on.

Check out much of the action in bulletpoints here:

As we move out, we head north and find a tent camp that probably belongs to a clan. We take advantage of the situation and fill up on ammo and medical supplies before continuing North into the wilderness.

While running around the area, we find a small barn that is apparently nothing more than a zombie trap. A bunch spawn on top of us and Swad is injured by Fett from a bit of crossfire....which didnt hurt too bad thanks to that tent camp we had just stopped at.

We ended up logging for the night after some annoying rubberbanding issues.

When we logged back on, it was just Swad, Dane, and I. We decided that we should go check out Stary Sobor which is well known for it's PvP.

We creep all the way there and I set up as an overwatch inside a big metal building overlooking a military camp. They look through, and while there were plenty of weapons, none was better than what we already have.

Swad logged for a quick dinner, and I stayed in the building to keep an eye out. By this time, Fett was logging on and making his way there. I see someone running towards my building across a field.

"Fett, is that you?"

"No, I am a ways away still."


The unknown guys runs into the building and looks around. He doesn't see me. My heart is beating like crazy.

I hit him with three shots as he climbs the ladder. He isn't is this dude a cyborg? He makes it to the top. It appears his legs are broken. He tries to bandage. I end his life. Shortly after, Swad logs back in. We take everything of use and leave his bloody corpse laying on a catwalk. My first murder. Kill or be killed.

We loot the city and head out to the tree line just west of the city. As we are figuring out where we are going to go, we see contact from the west. Someone is sprinting through a field straight at our location. I lock on to my target. A shot rings out. He falls to the ground dead. His beans tasted delicious. I decide to log off here.

I log on the next day, and Dane is the only one on. He is way up in the N/E area of the map. I am south of Stary Sobor. He gets into a couple of fights with zombies and is down to around 6000 life. We run towards each other and after a good amount of time meet up in the Black Forrest. I give him a transfusion, and I make a fire so we can cook up some steaks.

We decide to hit up a near by deer stand, and while it is empty, he does get a broken leg from a random zombie for his troubles.

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