Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend Gaming Update

This is a gaming update because I played a bit of everything this weekend.

In Day Z, you can see what was going on from my previous post. As it stands, Fett, Kev, and I are all in a building on the outskirts of Chernogorsk with nothing but hatchets for weapons. I have yet to kill a single zombie on this life.

I Diablo 3, I am up to 19.00 made from the RMAH, but I only did about one Act I Inferno Run on my Barbarian over the weekend. I worked on my Wizard a little bit and got him to about level 20.

I also played some MW 3 and had a very successful weekend by my standards. I finished with a K/D ration over 1.5 and I had a Win-Loss ration near 2. There was much pwnage going on. P-90 to the face.

Then there was WoW, which I seemed to play more than anything over the weekend. Both my mage and Rogue are now 83, and I have been running instances with my wife and friends. Kev's wife has been learning healing on her 85 Paladin, my wife has been leveling her second Druid (83), and Fett has his Hunter to 83 as well. He has been trying for a while to get the Hunter to 85 because he is tired of seeing cool tameable pets that he is unable to tame.

I am going to have extra days of this week, so I am looking forward to some more Dayz. Hopefully, I can finally make it out of a major city alive.

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Occeleta said...

As of seriously late last night, slash, early this morning my Hunter is 85. And of course no rare spawns were up. Nevermind that my NPC Scan showed I had spotted a few while leveling through 84. Bah!