Friday, July 27, 2012

Day Z: Getting Wifey Ready to Play

My own playing adventure didnt have much going on yesterday. I basically just ran S/W to meet up with Fett outside of Cherno. He crawled over there with a broken leg, looted the hospital, and got out without being shot. Impressive.

Here is his post leading up to that point (I am sure he will explain later how exactly he ended up back at Cherno) Never Give Up.

In the meantime, I decided that I would hop onto my wife's account and try to get here headed in our diection. She was in the small town just East of Elektro, so I decided to move her at least outside of Elektro which is not far from where we were.

I start to head West out of Komyshovo (or something like that). It is getting quite dark, but I can see pretty well. As I am creeping along the outskirts, I see another Survivor up on the hill about 50 meters away creeping around with a rifle of some short. I think that he see's me, so duck behind a building and then run my ass out of town ASAP.

I somehow end up running in a complete circle. I figure out my bearings and head towards Elektro. On the way, I found some painkillers, some soda, and a couple of other small items. I then hit the eastern edge of Elektro and head in. I see the church for a distance off and decide that I would head in that direction.

I end up popping up right next to the hospital. I grab some medical supplies since the windows are already broken and head to the apartment building just down the street. I find a decent bounty of gear here. A new backpack, binoculars, a compass, an M-1911 pistol, and a double barrel shotgun as well as a can of food.

I am on the way out of town when I notice that the supermarket is nearby. There is a red chemlight lit inside, and the front in barbwired. I head in through the back door (thats what she said) and start to rummage around the back room. Judging by the volume of zombies there, I think that there were several in the front of the store, so I just skipped out and headed North.

As I got to the outskirt, I found what appeared to be a powerplant with a firehouse.

I go inside and end up with a full waterbottle and two MP5s and three clips of silenced ammo.

With that bounty, I run her character out into the wilderness to meet up with us on our next adventures. Quite a haul, and she will not be defenseless.

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