Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day Z: Playing on my Wife's Account

This may become a more common thing. I think I may play more on my main account when I am with the group I play with and go more lone ranger on my wife's character.

I played a decent chunk yesterday and ran all over the map.

I started out where I left her off near Elektro. With no map, I used my compass to head into the woods. My plans were to head North. Soon, I found myself back at Elektro. Yay, another circle.

Not wanting to be near the city, I strike back into the wilderness. At one point, I find a barn. While I am trying to drop the MP5 from my pack, I apparently lost the one that is equipped as well as all of the ammo....dammit.

So now I am down a primary weapon. I head back into the wilderness, and after a short time, I spot a broken down castle in the distance. I have been there before on my own character and decided to check it out and see if there is anything of use. I do obtain a can of food, which is much needed.

As I am coming down the stairs, I come face to face with a survivor wielding a hatchet. I see him first and keep my M1911 trained on him. I then hear him say "Oh Shit" over direct chat. He is with another friend with a hatchet. I keep my gun trained on them. They say "Friendly" and back out of the castle. I creep out carefully, and not seeing them, I sprint off down the hill. Friendly usually means "Lucky I dont have a gun". I could have killed them, but let them go on their way.

In my grand adventures, I find several deer stands, which yields absolutely fuckall. I am up near green mountain judging by the giant radio tower, but whenever I look in that direction, my graphics seem to act up. I would like to thing that it is just a part of the legend of Green Mountain. You can't look directly at it.

I check with Fett to see where the NW airfield is in relation to my location. He says directly North, so I head that way. I find a barn along the way that provides an Enfield and some ammo. Probably a good thing since I am heading to one of the most dangerous places in the game.

I get sidetracked a bit to the West before finally making my way back towards the airfield. I log off not far from the area and will hit it up on my next play session. I am also in need of some food. I don't know if it spawns at the Airfield, but we will find out.

During the entire session, I did not kill a player or Zombie. I didn't even aggro a zombie, and this character is still at no zombie kills.

My character is at around Day 10 of survival, and my wife's is at Day 7.

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