Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Black Ops 2: I are suck

I am quite bad. Like .40 K/D ratio bad. This generally happens every time that I get a new CoD game. I am like a system QB that gets put in a different system. I will start out quiet bad, and eventually over time get better. Then I get the rug pulled out with the next game.

I dont know if it is a lag issue, but it seems like I get killed in a couple of hit even though the kill cam shows several more hits. It also seems like I can hit another player 4-5 times and nothing happens while they turn around and one shot me.

It really gets quite frustrating dying over and over again.

Last night I started playing some of the Hardcore game modes, and I think they are a bit easier for me. It doesnt take much to take down an opposing player and I dont feel like I am constantly getting gibbed without seeing the other player.

It may also just be that I suck at aiming. It feels like I have to be perfect with my aim to get a hit while other players are getting all kinds of hit markers.

Overall, I am having fun, but being bad is a pain in the ass.

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