Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Holiday Gaming

I did a fair amount of gaming over the Holiday, and most of it was done in WoW or Black Ops 2.

In WoW, I have been making quite a bit of progress on dailies. I finally hit exalted with the Golden Lotus and I am now exalted with Operation Shieldwall as well.

Next up for me will be to finish Klaxxi. This has been going on for far too long.

I also ran a regular instance with out group of friends. We decided on a regular so that everyone could get used to their rotations again and that Fett could practive his healing on his Monk.

Much of my gaming time was spent in BO2.

I started the campaign and have been having a good time playing it as a change of pace. The story so far is quite good just like the MW games.

Mostly, I pew pewed in multiplayed and have been improving by quite a bit. My K/D ratio is now up to .78 and moving up slowly but surely. I have been mostly playing Domination or Hardcore Team Deathmatch and Hardcore Kill Confirmed.

I like the Harcore game style because it is generally a more conservative play style, and sometimes I just want to play a bit slower. When I wanted a faster paced game, I switch over the Kill Confirmed.

Overall, I had a great Holliday which included going to see The Hobbit, which was quite awesome.

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