Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ding 60! Ding 60! Ding 60!

So last night, I ended up playing a bit of WoW before switching over to D3.

I have been doing the new Shieldwall dailies with my wife for the last two or three days and I did the Klaxxi dailies with Fett.

I also recently got one of the invitations for the Brawlers Guild and have done a couple of fights. I have only defeated the first fight so far. I got close on the second one, but he did some bullshit AOE when he was almost dead that killed me.

After that, I logged on to D3 with the intention of leveling my WD to 60 with Kev's Monk. Fett decided that he wanted to come along on his level 56 DH and we killed the Butcher and then headed to Act 2.

At the start of the act, I had to log off for a bit and ended up coming back about 45 minutes or so later. We were running on MP5 and we actually had to be quite careful as we were getting our ass kicked by reflect damage mobs.

As we were doing one of the vaults, Kev dinged 60 on his Monk.

As we were finishing the Shadow Realm just before fighting Kulle, both Fett and I dinged 60 on our toons.

I gave both Kev and Fett some upgrades I had in my stash and then hit the AH. I ended up spending about 10 million on my WD. He ended up with 28k health, 55k dps, and about 750 resist all.

This makes my 5th level 60 and I now have one of each class. This was Kevs second 60 and Fetts first.

I actually quite like the WD and may actually play him a little bit at cap. I really wish they would make Paragon levels shared so that I could play whatever I want at that moment.

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