Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ding Paragon 50!

Last night I did a fair amount of grinding and was able to hit paragon 50 on my Barbarian.

While doing the runs, I actually found three legendaries. Unfortunately they were complete crap. I got a ring with no main stats, a WD main hand with 700 dps, and a level 59 polearm. Two brimstones and a vendor.

I got to run around with Bearness for a bit before having to log off to take care of something which was nice. I always prefer playing with someone over playing alone.

After that, I ran my friend through the rest of Act 1 Nightmare on his Barbarian and found two more legendaries including a mighty belt for him.

When I run people through lower difficulties, I find that I like to use my Witchdoctor. The pets are nice and helpful, and I like having nice ranged AOE abilities.

Next up in Paragon 60 I guess. Paragon leveling is going fairly slow at this point, and I can only imagine how slow it is for Bearness, who is at Paragon 75 or 76.

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