Monday, December 17, 2012

WoW Weekend

This weekend, I spent very little time in D3. Just as I felt it was good to take some time off from WoW, I think it will be equally good to take a bit of time off from D3. I did hit Paragon 52 over the weekend however.

In WoW, I did quite a bit. Most of that bit was dailies, but I did a few other things as well.

I got to exalted with the Anglers and up to Revered with the Klaxxi.

I basically did dailies for every faction over the weekend except for the dragon guys over in Jade Forrest and the Tillers (both of whom I am already exalted with). We also did the Greench dailies and I got another Clockwork Rocket bot, which I gave to my wifey.

We ran BWL again and my wife did not get her antlers. The funny thing was that we didnt realize she was on the wrong druid until just before the last boss. It would not have mattered as it turns out, but she would have been very sad had the Antlers dropped and she wasnt there to get it.

Then we decided that we should run Onyxia to give her another chance at her Antlers. They did not drop there either, but we did get a bunch of acheivements for taking her down.

Then for some reason we decided to do both AQ instances, which we had never done before. We cake walked through AQ 20, but the 40 man version had a few surprises. We didnt wipe, but both my wife and I died at different points. I got killed during that MC phase of the first boss, and my wife died on C'Thun.

All three of us got every one of the AQ mounts including the red one. Why? Because it is red.

In other gaming news, my wife got my Black Ops 2 for Christmas, and it is pretty good so far. I have only played multi player, and REALLY suck at the moment. It feels like it takes a lot more hit markers to kill someone in multi player than it did in MW3. My K/D ration is terrible, but I finally had a postive game with a shotgun of all weapons. I think part of my trouble is that I rush around a lot and have trouble seeing other players. That and it feels like I hit them 5 times and they kill me in one shot.

Gaming variety is the spice of life....or something like that.

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