Friday, December 14, 2012

My newest D3 farming strategy

Last night after doing my dailies, I decided to play some D3 and ended up getting a half of a paragon level before logging off for bed. It was not boring in any way. There are a couple of reasons for this farming going so smoothly for me.

1) I only pick up certain rares now. Instead of picking up every single rare, I have started picking up specific rares instead. One handed weapons, gloves, bracers, and all jewelry is what I have been picking up. Could I be missing something on the pieces I am not picking up? Sure I could. I also dont care. I want to get through each run quickly and dont really care to identify 2-3 tabs of rares each run.

2) I started playing in windowed mode and watching Star Trek: TNG. This is awesome because I get to make progress watching the shows I want to watch AND play D3 at the same time. Doing Act 3 inferno runs is pretty much muscle memory now. I can vaguely pay attention to both at the same time. I mostly make sure to look out for legendaries although I have turned the sound off. I wish they had a sound slider for legendary drop sounds so you could turn the rest off and still have that one off all the way. Even better would be something flashing up on the screen when a legendary comes up. Maybe something like NPC scan in WoW where it pops up which rare spawn you passed by and makes a loud ass horn sounds that startles the shit out of you.

Overall, I think this will be good for Paragon leveling. Paragon 51 now and moving on up.

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