Monday, December 10, 2012

What to do, what to do.

This weekend was spend mostly playing D3 again,  but it was mostly just messing around.

I also did the Operation Shield wall dailies with my wife pretty much every day, and really should get back to doing some of the other dailies. I just cant bring myself to do them alone. Dailies in a group are tolerable. Alone, they are not.

In D3, I spend a good amount of time playing on my Barbarian and got him to Paragon 49. It wouldnt be too hard to level faster, but after a run or two of the same thing that I have been running over and over, I lose motivation. Perhaps I should look at doing some full act runs just to change it up a bit.

Paragon levels are a good way to keep you playing the game, but they really do need something more. I am looking forward to PvP despite not normally being a PvP type of person (well at least in this kind of setting).

I would really like if they added something like an endless waves of monster challenge where tons of mobs just continue to show up and you have to survive for X amount of minutes.

I would also like to see a random generator that just created super random maps with random mobs and random events. Something different every time.

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