Monday, December 3, 2012

Weekend Update

As in previous weekends, I did not play much in the way of WoW, and what I did do, I did for my wife.

First I ran through BWL with her and her Antlers did not drop again. She did however get a new pet off of the second to last boss!

Then I helped her out a bit with Battle Pet Leveling as well as getting her the blue antlers from Shadowmoon Valley.

I also logged onto DayZ briefly over the weekend. I went into a town, and while scavenging for gear in an apartment I suddenly died. Didnt hear a gunshot or anything. Dont know if it was a hacker, but I logged off after that bullshit.

As with previous weekends, I spent much of my weekend playing Diablo.

My Barbarian is not Paragon 46 and still moving up slowly, mostly because I cant bring myself to just run the same run 10 times in a row without a break.

My sister got to level 60 on her Barbarian and has been running around in Act 1 as a Tornado Barb. I brought her along on my act 3 farming run, but she was taking a lot of damage and died several times.

My friends Kev and Fett also played over the weekend. Fett has been working on his DH and has it up to 56 currently. Kev and I decided to go on a leveling frenzy, and we got from about level 21 to 41 on our Monk and Witchdoctor. I must say that I have had a great time playing the Witch Doctor. He has a lot of fun spells.

I think that my WD will be to 60 in no time, which will give me a 60 of each class.

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