Thursday, December 20, 2012

The WarZ: Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

The internet is buzzing with news about the fraud that is WarZ. Rhino Crunch pointed it out on his youtube channel some time ago. They just keep on proving him right.

Fettsbounty would be a better person to do this article, and if he does one, I will link it to this one. In the meantime, I will post some of what I have read online or he has told me.

The WarZ is a liar: They put their game up on steam promising a ton of features....most of which are not there. When people complained on their steam blog, they started banning people. Steam took away their moderator priveledges and gave anyone who wanted one a refund. They also said that they started developement on this game before DayZ. No. You didnt. You took the game you were perhaps already making and changed it to a zombie MMO to capitalize on DayZ's success.

They are a Thief: They apparently tried to ninja edit their terms of service to state that you could never get a refund no matter what. Customer satisfaction guaranteed indeed! They apparently also took their terms of service from League of Legends (including a link to League of Legends apparently).

Sergei Titov has been an asshole: Beside all of the crap above, he has been rude to his customers. He offered a backhanded apology saying people "Misread the features". No motherfucker. You put features up that were not in the game. Dont try to shuck the responsibility.

The game is not good: According to what I read before all of this shit happened, the game was just not good. It was barren, zombies were no threat, maps were small, and it was just generally buggy and boring. I have not played for myself and never plan to.

My advice: Do not by this piece of crap. You will most likely be incredibly disapointed, and the developers have already showed that they are in this for a quick money grab. Wait for the Day Z standalone and play the real deal. Not this piece of garbage made by liars and thieves.

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