Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Yesterday I was apparently motivated to actually do some dailies. I ended up doing three sets including the new Shieldwall dailes, the Angler dailies, and the Klaxxi dailies.

I do the dailies mostly for the gear upgrades that wil come, but I also do it for the vanity items. I really like the Scorpion mount and look forward to getting it from the Klaxxi.

I am also digging the commendation that increases the rep of a faction by 100 percent on you account after you hit revered with one character. Unfortunately, you still have to get revered.

In Diablo, I decided to do a full act 3 inferno clear instead of the modified alkaizer run. One postive thing about doing an entire act is that it seems like there is a point to what you are doing....defend the keep and kill Azmodan in the case of Act 3.

I does take quite some time, but I ended up getting almost half of a paragon level out of it. Sadly, no legendaries were to be had.

I have been finding a bit more motivation to play WoW, and I think that I will be getting back into that a bit. It is always nice to take somewhat of a break to not get burned out, and boy did the dailies have me burning out.

I like the dailies for the most part, but they should have kept tabards as well. That would have been a nice change of pace for reputation grinding.

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