Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Champion of Ironforge (Argent Tournament)

Darraxus is now a Champion of Ironforge after completing the valiant dailies and turning in the quest. I picked up the new dailes and did each one beside the group quest as apparently nobody else was doing it.

I also defeated the Black Knight, who is a complete joke. He rode his mount faster, but that just meant more charges and shield breakers for me.

I really like the new dailies as it gives you the currency you need to buy the pets and other cool items. It also give you a Champions Writ or Cache. The Writ is valuable as you can turn it in to any faction you are Championing with to get 250 rep for that city.

Once you pick up Champion of your home town, you can start doing the Valiant stuff again to obtain a new city to Champion for. I am working on Gnomeregan next so that I can get my lady the mechanopeep.

I would advise teaming up for all of the quests to make them that much easier. It is pretty much required for the group quest, but the other ones are soloable with little problem.

One of the great things about all of these dailies it the cash. I do all of the Argent Tournament Dailies I can as well as the Fishing Daily. I will throw in a cooking daily if I have time.

Each rank you move up in the tournament, your opposing jousters get "harder". And by harder I mean they actually refresh their shield more often and perhaps get a bit faster. I have not lost a joust since the first couple of days of the tournament when I was being frustrated to no end. A good strategy includes getting all three shields up before yo start. Stand behind the person you are challenging and issue the challenge. As they run towards the center of the circle, charge. As you run past, spin and hit them with a shield breaker. Close range and start pummeling them with your melee attack. When they try to get some distance, hit them with a shield breaker and close the distance before they can turn. Whack away with melee, rinse and repeat to victory. I very rarely lose a shield with this method which makes it extremly easy.

The only problem I see with these dailies is how boring they will get. I am already sick of jousting. These could become an even more tedious grind than the Hodir dailies. The Argent Tournament was a great idea to keep extreme casuals motivated while the Raid content got harder.


Occeleta said...

My main strategy is to strafe around them in circles in melée range then on occassion widen circle to throw a shield breaker then get back in melée. When they low on shields charge in, and if quick enough hit another melée while passing through him, then spin around and shield breaker.

When done correctly more than half the timeyour npc opponent wontbeven be facing you properly to get a charge in.

Dorgol said...

I want to do these on my Paladin, but it's hard to motivate myself. #1 - I'm already exalted with all 5 factions. #2 - I'm not exactly hurting for cash. At all.

But the allure of new mounts and pets will probably have me doing these sooner or later.

Arioch said...

It's going to be all about the mounts and pets for me. I also, am already exalted with all 5 factions.

I'm just waiting for the dust to settle and not have to deal with everyone and their alts being in the tournament area.

I still need to finish Hodir rep. /sigh