Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend Update

Yet another weekend came and went, and once I again I am left wondering how it went by so fast. Here is the round up of what went down this weekend.

Raiding: I really did not do very much raiding this weekend at all. No VoA, No OS, no Naxx 25. The only raid I did was a Naxx 10 on my Warrior. It was a Pug one night clear. We only wiped on two bosses the entire time, which oddly enough didnt include Thaddius, Patchwerk, Sapph, or KT. I got my T7 DPS chest, which upgraded a blue. With the emblems I picked up, I also got a DPS emblem belt (which replaced a level 70 belt). Probably the highlight to me was getting my sister into the run after we had already cleared Contruct and up to the second boss in the Millitary Quarter. She got tons of drops for both her Ret and Holy sets.

Instances: I got into my fair share of instances of the weekend, but none with my Druid. I did a few Heroics on my Warrior including the Mage ninja debacle posted about yesterday. I also go to DPS my first instance as a Fury Warrior. Overall, I was not too impressive only clocking in at around 1600 DPS. I think that not having my weapon skills not maxed out did not help. I also need to get into the habit of being behind mobs instead of infront of them. One problem I was having was rage generation. I even respecced a bit to provide some more rage regeneration after the run.

I ran two Violet Holds and a Drak'Tharon Keep on my Paladin. Both of the VH runs were complete and utter fail. In the first one, we got the Ethereal Boss. I told the tank to kite him up the ramp to stay away from the orbs. Instead he tanks him right at the bottom, lets the orbs get to him and causes a wipe. I left group immediately after. I dont have time for people who dont know what the fuck to do. The second one was also fail. The tank was always extremly slow to get to portals and aggro was yo-yoing through the group. We downed the Beholder boss and then got Zuramat. I told everyone to DPS the adds, and of course they didnt. Then the DK yells at me to Heal while he is busy not killing the adds. We wipe and I leave that group as well. Dont try to shit on the healer when you are being a fucktard. DTK went very well, and I almost out dpsed a level 80 DK on the run.

Questing: Much of my time was spent doing the fishing daily and the Argent Tournament dailies. I am 10 marks away from the next rank. So far, the dailies have been somewhat annoying. The Great Melee or whatever it is called pissed me off to no end when I first attempted it. After several tries, I have a nice method down that works very well. It is a conservative approach where I melee until they run away, then shield break, close the gap so they cant do the same and back to melee. Takes a bit longer, but is a sure victory. Just make sure to have all of your shields up at all times. I am also really enjoying the new fishing dailies. Besides your gold reward, you also get a bag of rewards. It has random items inside including vendor trash. I sold a piece of vendor trash called a tower key yesterday for almost 17 gold.

Leveling: I spent a good chunk of time on my Paladin yesterday and hit 77, which means I can fly again. I also maxed out his herbalism in the process and am sitting at about 420 Mining. I got the achievement for completing Dragonblight and think I am going to move to Zul'Drak next instead of Grizzly Hills. The first reason is because I will need the Argent Crusade Rep and the starting Ebon Blade Rep. The second reason is that I need to leave an area open to quest with my fiance, and Grizzly Hills seems like a nice option. I am itching to get him to 80 so that I can start running heroics and Raids with him. I plan on keeping him mostly Ret, but will do some Holy as needed. I should also probably unlock the Hodir Dailies ASAP.

Misc.: The glyph market has offically dried up. Most of the glyphs have gone down even lower that they were before the patch. People are undercutting left and right. I made about 3k gold, but could have made much more had I been more prepared on patch day (and able to log on). I did a bit of fishing in hopes of getting the turtle mount, but no luck there. Wintergrasp is now an awesome place to fish. Besides the large clams you can fish up, you can get each fish needed to make Fish Feasts. This is your one stop raid fishing area. I have still not seen Ulduar. My guild headed in this week and killed flame Leviathan, but did not down a second boss.


Mogresh said...

I have another strategy for the grand melee. Basically you do the same thing you have been doing, but instead of throwing a shield breaker when they get in range, you watch them, the second your charge becomes useable, hit it and then when you are riding past them whirl around and throw a shield breaker. You'll knock off two levels of shields each time you do it, and opponent winds up with 1 shield to no defenses. Makes the fights quick and easy. Just make sure you pop your defense after each shield breaker you throw.

Leiandra said...

Lol! I have the Darth Tator from your picture.