Monday, May 25, 2009


Last night I was getting ready to run a PuG Naxx 10 on my Paladin when I noticed a long time in-game friend looking for a tank in LFG for EoE 10. I had never been and it was one of the few places I needed still to get the Champion of the Frozen Wastes title.

I got the invite and away we went with a pug EoE. This is normally the time where I tell you about the multiple deaths, afks, etc.

This was my first time in EoE and obviously my first time tanking it. Well, to make this story short, we one shotted it. Malygos ate a few sparks, but I used some cooldowns to get through it. We literally killed him as he enraged.

I must say that this was a wicked fun fight from a tank perspective. You basically tank Maly like any other dragon...with his face and ass away from the raid. Sparks fly down and you usually have a dk to DG them over to help the DPS. There are a few times during this phase that he will cast a spell called vortex which sucks you up and throws you around. After phase 1, malygos takes to the air and a bunch of little guys come down on hoverboards. When they die you get to steal their hoverboards and run around killing other baddies on hoverboards. The whole time you are running from one protective bubble to the next to avoid his Deep Breath ability.

After this, the platform breaks and you end up on a drake. It was really not that hard. 1 1 2 1 1 2 1 1 2, follow the healers, and just like that Maly is down.

My barricade did not drop, but I am omw to doing EoE ten on my Druid as we speak.

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Arioch said...


I have yet to down him on 10, just on 25 so far. I think it's easier on 25...

The fight is a lot of fun once everyone knows what's happening.