Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Alts, Beautiful Alts

With my good computer out of service for a few weeks while Gateway replaces the hard drive, I am back on my old crappy computer that my fiancee plays on when we have the time to play together.

The machine if 5 years old, and Dalaran is a pain to get around in. During this time of technical difficulty, it has really made me appreciate having so many alts. My alts are not the little lowbie alts. They are all either in Outlands/Northrend, or they are my bank alt.

I love doing raids, but it is a big pain on my old comp. I got into an Ulduar 25 PuG the other day and DCed in middle of the XT encounter. It just couldnt take all those people and the large number of adds that spawn during the heart phase.

So, I have been leveling my Deathknight and my Warlock. My Warlock is about 4 bubbles from dinging 72. He was my main PvP toon in BC, and is actually quite easy to level with. I just tag about 5-8 mobs and let my dots kill them.

Leveling a DK is absolutely insane. They are completly overpowered for grinding up the level ladder. There is pretty much zero down-time. I am leveling as Unholy at the moment. I will have to look more into raid builds as I get closer to 80. He is up to level 66, and half way to 77. The shocking thing is how much quicker they made leveling in Outlands. I finished off Hellfire and have a good chunk of quests left in Zangarmarsh still. I will probably hit 68 a few quests into Nagrand and then head off to Northrend for some shiny new gear.

Missing out on my good computer, I have also put a lot of emphasis on my Glyph Industry. I about 6 days worth of trading, I have gone from 28,900 gold to 36,500 gold. I did put up any auctions on Saturday as I did not have time. I am usually posting my glyphs twice a day, and it generally takes 45 minutes to an hour to cancel them all and the repost.

As I stated in my last post, I have been keeping a close eye on my competitors. I put them in my friends list on all of my toons, wait for them to log off, and then swoop onto my bank alt to undercut all of their auctions. I have been making 1k plus per day doing this.

I am probably going to much around on my DK some more tonight. By tommorow I may be stepping foot into Northrend.

A side note for all of you Altoholics out there. Pick up the BoA shoulders for every toon that you can. The extra ten percent XP is awesome. Think of it this way. If you level a toon from level 1 to level 80, you will be saving about 8 levels worth of time somewhere in there.


Dorgol said...

Probably more than 8 levels with the way XP scales.

And since it applies to quest XP, you can even use the cloth shoulders on a plate wearer JUST for turning in quests (where the majority of XP comes from these days anyway).

Fish said...

I have a DK who is currently 70, I just can't get up the desire to play him. Its not that they're not effective, it just seems like there are so many running around, they've lost a little appeal. I'm still working on getting mage and druid to outlands though, so I have more than enough to occupy my alt time.