Tuesday, June 30, 2009

WoW Update

Well, apparently my good computer is being shipped back as we speak.....which is great because playing on my old computer has been someone painful. My old computer is 5 plus years old and just doesnt cut it when you have been playing on a new machine. Dalaran is pretty much unbearable for the first minute or so while stuff loads at the speed of snail. The textures are also very boring as I have to play on the lowest graphics settings and no sounds to be able to do anything worth while.

During this time, I have actually done a few raids and several instances. They were actually surprising playable, even in 25 mans. The only hiccup I had in 25s was last night in VoA 25 when I choose a wonderful time to lag and got one shotted by the first nova. I was raised as a ghoul and lasted the rest of the fight that way.

Most of my time has been spent either playing the auction house or leveling a few alts since it is cause much less stress on my Dinosaur of a machine. The Glyph Business has been going very well as I usually pull in around 1k a day with a decent amount of competition. My bank toon is over 47k now and nearing the 50k mark.

Leveling has consisted of my Death Knight and Warlock, but mostly my DK. Death Knights really are facerolltastic for leveling. I think people could literally autoattack themselves to level 80 even if they had no clue what they were doing. I want to level my Lock to give me a dedicated ranged DPS, but I am having a hard time getting myself to level more toons.

I am one instance away from getting my Champion of the Frozen Wastes title......Heroic Occulus. I should have gotten it long ago, but really put it off. The first time I went in there, we did just fine on every boss until the last one.....then wiped a bunch of times. I have not been in there since.

I am now also just 6 pets away from the 75 pet achievement. I should be continuing with the Argent Tournament Dailies as there are still two Alliance ones I need, but I became very burnt out on the after earning my Crusader title. I am glad they are at least adding some new ones in the next patch. I think that the part of those dailies that killed it for me was the jousting. Not that it was hard (as I found it very easy), but because it was boring. I did not feel like jousting at the tournament grounds and I certainly didnt feel like flying across the zone to joust some baddies.

Dailies have been pretty much a no-go for me altogether actually. I usually try to do the fishing daily each day, but beyond that it is very wishy washy. I may do a cooking daily from time to time. I do the Heroic Daily if someone suckers me into it....that is about it.

I am actually quite eagerly awaiting the next patch. The change to emblems is going to make it so I have incentive to run Heroics again. Heroics are probably my favorite part of the instance game as it is, but there has been very little reason for me to run them.

Well, that is a briefish run down on what has been going down in WoW world for me (is that redundant?). How have things been going for you?

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Copernicus said...

I feel the same about heroics. I like running them, but I'm not getting anything from it. Compare that to doing dailies for cash, mining and herbing for cash, or doing battleground and wintergrasp to fill out my PvP gear, and heroics just don't have much to offer, sadly.