Thursday, June 4, 2009

WTF Raids

Some raids are not just fail raids. They are WTF raids. They may go well for the most part, but they still leave you scratching your head. Last night I got into a Naxx 10 run for my sister's guild. First off, their dps was terrible. 

When I came into the run to help dps, they had wiped several times on Heigan. We one shotted him when I got there. I did the most DPS on Heigan despite the fact that I am a melee DPS. Teh Warlocks were way behind me.

Then we went to Loatheb and wiped a bunch of times due to a a dumb method of using the spores. The tank wanted the spores to be taunted on top the group to explode intead of groups moving to the spores. Afterwards, my sister told me that the Druid healer called me "annoying " for "trying to take over the raid". Which means I was trying to help these people who have trouble clearing Spider Wing. That is the last time they get my help.

Today I got into a pug naxx 10 on my warrior because I was bored. Somehow, we managed to wipe one time on each of the bosses in the spider wing. It was retarded. After that we decided to move to Abom to which I though "fail boat here we come". Surprisingly we one shotted every boss in that wing. I ended up leaving because the RL called for a 10 minute break and I dont have time for long breaks. 

Then later I tried to get into a VoA 25 on my pally. A Someone was asking for dps for VoA. I send a tell, nothing. There are 14 people in the group. Over 10 minutes I whisper the guy about 15 times. No response. He finally fills up and goes on his way. What a douchebag. It is only polite to respond to someone when they whisper you. No need to be a complete and utter douche about it. 


Fish said...

unfortunately, the douchebag to decent people playing wow ratio doesn't seem to favor the nice guys. Honestly, I'll admit, I refused to heal groups with more than 2 plate wearers because I didn't want to fight for gear.

I really don't see the appeal of raids, they seem to take a long time and offer lots of frustration with minimal enjoyment. . .

Elleiras said...

Was the PuG leader a paladin, by chance? I've found that many of the people who organize VoA PuGs on my server like to stack the raid so there's little to no competition for loot -- for themselves, of course. I know of one elemental shaman who will cheerfully bring 10 paladins to VoA but won't consider another shaman, even of the elemental or resto variety. It's seflish and annoying.

The Renaissance Man said...

I wouldn't be so harsh on the Vault Leader. A lot of times when I throw up a looking for more in trade chat that involves DPS, I get 10-20 whispers within 15 seconds. I can't sort through all of them, and I know that some have gone unreplied to simply because they get eaten by the whisper spam and the trade channel.

Darraxus said...

@ Elleiras: Yes it was a Paladin, and that thought definately crossed my mind.

@ RM: Yes, one whisper is easy to lose. 15 or so is not. I think that it may have something to do with what Elleiras said.

Occeleta said...

I've been victim of a RL stacking in his favor with my a rogue. Seen a rogue starting a group for VoA25, with less than 10 at the time of first sight, so I was able to see a former guildy was tanking for him. I sent several whispers early on and got no reply. As the raid got filled I asked the former guildy if there were even any other rogues getting in and he said no and that he even suggested me for dps but didn't get a response. So yeah. Kinda sucks when u don't get invite for clearly a greedy reason. Only way to get around it is to not pug or be the RL making the groups.

Talldar said...

I'll have to oppose your opinions here. Regarding the Naxx-10 raid #1, your sister's guild, they were right. They may did things differently. Their dps may have been low. But your attitude is stinky: "Terrible dps", "stupid way" - come on dude, with that kind of mindset you don't have to wonder you came across as the annoying kid who wants to take over.

Not every group is on top of their game. If that's not your thing then don't group with them. Don't be the backseat driver - even if you really know better and more efficient ways, an established group much rather will find your "suggestions" (which I assume sounded a lot more like criticism when you gave them, taking into account how you talk about those guys) annoying. And I understand that. Some people aren't there to "clear the place as fast and effecient as possible", they want to enjoy the raid.

As vor the VoA-thing: Sure it's kinda shady for a raid-leader to not take in "loot-competitors". If you don't want to accept some else's rules though go ahead and organize your own VoA runs. And check yourself: Would you take in every other warrior, or rather fill up with other classes first?

Darraxus said...

@ Taldar: You are mistaken. I went with their suggestions, and when they did not work, I suggested something different. I never told them their way was stupid depsite the fact that it was. Yes, their dps was terrible. And yes, many of their methods were dumb. That doesnt mean I insulted them for it. Not my style. I really got pissed after I found out that their Druid (who has a history of being snarky) called me annoying.

I understand that not everyone is at the same level, which is why i volunteered my help.

I never talk down to a player in game unless they piss me off. It is their raid, I gave suggestions, they didnt take any, and they failed. To talk shit afterwards is just lol. Your anger and assumptions are even more lol.

Barrista said...

I understand Talldar's point actually. When a stranger comes in with new info, an established group can feel a bit threatened. This isn't "Darrax is a jerk". This is Psychology 101.

I run with 2 different groups for 10 and 25 man and even the RL's in those groups get defensive or just ignore techniques I've offered from other groups. Sometimes this results in a longer fight, but as long as the boss is down they don't seem to care. I think it's a a male ego thing myself.

As for VOA, the same exact thing happened to me this week. No reply from my tell or anything. I'm sure they were terrified they might lose a roll, but I don't really need anything other than emblems from Emalon. If they'd looked up my gear they could have seen that.

Sunday night my guild spent the WHOLE night wiping on Hodir. It was a blast. I guess some of us like to raid and enjoy the challenge (even the wipes that go along with it).

*vlad* said...

Maybe the ranged dps kept getting the slow casting debuff on Heigan.
If you aren't aware of it, or rather how to avoid it, it can totally cripple your dps.

I've been kicked from a pug VoA before it started, simply because the raid leader was the same class as me.
No explanation, no sorry, just a boot.

I also replied to a pug VoA LFM and got an invite, I then realised my HS was on CD for another 10 minutes; I apologised and said they should find someone else, as I didn't want to keep them waiting that long, at which point I got whispered abuse from the RL.Huh?

Anonymous said...

aaah - I've had days like that.

I also get annoyed when people just don't reply, but personally I'm not asking for much - typing in trade - to all those that whispered, sorry we're full now will suffice.

@Vlad - yeah, the nasty reply was uncalled far, but neither was your leaving. you CAN be summoned into VoA you know :P they've put up a stone now. especially for those times when the Dalaran portals bug out and you used to have to fly in manually. Most groups that I've experience would rather do a few summons, than look for another player.