Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Auction House: It ain't personal

So. As I have been doing for the last week or so, I was cancelling all of my glyph auctions and reposting them at a different price. While doing this, I got a little whisper from Mr. Douchebag on Ignore by most of the server.

Him: "You undercut me by 1 silver?"
Me: "Yep. I want to make money, but don't want to tank the market."
Him: "Well I guess Im going to have to cancel mine a repost them."
Me: "That business for you :)"
Him: "There is still plenty of profit to be made at much lower prices."
Me: "Good luck."

You must be getting someones goat real good if they actually message you. The auctionhouse is just another game. It is a cutthroat game, and the weak will get pushed out. The crybabies will also get bullied out eventually. This guy only posts one glyph at a time. He can not be selling that much. Last night I made about 1700 gold. His 60 or less glyphs did not really affect me at all. I undercut many of his, and in several cases his one glyph already sold, leaving me to make much more.

I hope I frustrate him right out of bussiness. The auction house is kill or be killed. If someone is out-hustling you, you either need to step it up or get out. It isnt personal....I have pixels to feed :)

I got another interesting message last night. I got a letter in the mail from some rogue who said "Nobody is going to pay 9 gold for glyph X. I will give you 3 for it. Send me a tell if you want to do bussiness."

To which I reply "I already sold three of those tonight at my price. If you dont like it, make your own. Thanks."

Pick your spots to undercut and choose your battles. You will weed out the tards eventually.

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Alfonsius said...

The best moments of PvP I didn't have in any BG or in the arenas, it has been in the AH actually.