Thursday, June 25, 2009

Auction House: Be Aggressive

There are several different types of auction house personalities in WoW. You can be the person who gives up easily after posting a few times, the undercutter, the clueless person, or any combination.

No matter what you do on the Auction House, if you want to make money, do it aggressively. This means that you will have to spend a bit of time to make money. If you don't want to spend an hour or so, then agressive AH sales are not for you.

When you post auctions, you usually dont want to put them up for 48 hours and just sit. I recommend taking down your auctions at least once a day and reposting them. This maximizes your profit as it lets you undercut the undercutters. I usually post after I get off of work, and sometime before I go to work.

Being agressive doesnt mean flood the market. Putting up small numbers of a more diverse range of things will usually net you a better profit. Example: If you are doing glyphs as your moneymaker, do not post 10 at a time. Usually between 3-5 is sufficient. This will usually give you enough to accomodate all of your customers until the next round of undercutting comes around.

Another tip for aspiring auctioneers. Do not take it personal. The worst thing you can do is get pissed that you were undercut and start undercutting by several gold (depending on the worth of the item). The name of the game is profit. You will make much more by undercutting by less. If you are the lowest priced item, you will sell.

When it comes to being aggressive, keep it in the auction house. There are few things more annoying in WoW as people who spam trade chat that they have X items in the auctionhouse. Even the most noobish of players are business saavy enough to go the auctionhouse when they need something. If they cant find it there, they will usually ask in trade chat.

Not all professions are created equal. Due to auctionhouse deposits, sometimes it is more profitable to spam trade chat. Although, as the saying goes, "Time is money", and time is the only currency you cant get back.

If you really want to make money off of the auctionhouse, you have to trade aggressively and undercut your competitiors. Or find a niche market that has significantly less comptetition. If you are in the Glyph, Jewelcrafting, and gathering markets, you will need to play hard on the AH to make that gold.


Fish said...

I think that's why I don't do it. For my day job, I work in the securities industry, and playing the AH seems too much like work. I'd rather do dailies and kill things for easy gold. My AH sales are "crap I have lying around", decided to level up enchanting again just so I can DE the stuff that doesn't sell well.

I assume most of your glyph sales are either minor or high level, I've had ZERO luck selling glyphs, either the market is flooded or I don't have the ones that sell.

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Anonymous said...

lol yer its ok doing this but you are breaking blizz terms & conditions and if someone reports you you are under investication witch means a lockdown of your account till thay finish and if found out that you are a aggressive auctioning its instent bad from wow :)