Friday, June 5, 2009

The Opposite of a WTF Raid

Last night I was running around on my Druid making some glyphs when I noticed a few members of the second most progressed raiding guild on my server starting up a Naxx 10. I sent a whisper and got an invite.

Before long, the group was filled. The loot rules were simple. They left it on Need/Greed, if you wanted it, need, if not, pass. The raid leader would then shard what wasnt wanted for his guild bank. The raid leader was a druid tank wearing pretty much 100 percent Ulduar 26 gear...a bit overpowered for Naxx.

We zone in and go to work. We pull at break neck pace, rarely having to stop at all. We take down the spider wing quick enough to get the timed achivement. We dont have a death on any boss. We then head over the construct wing and one shot everything as well. We had our first boss death on Gluth. Towards the end of the fight, the DK kiting the zombies got killed followed shortly by his healer. I made like a tree and split. Gluth went down before they could mush me. I got my T 7 legs off of Gluth which now gives me my 4 set bonus. We finished the wing by one shotting Thaddius.

We then went and made quick work of the millitary and plague quarters, one shotting each boss in their turn. We headed up to Saph and one shotted him as well. Amazingly, we seemed to have a cloth and plate drop on all but maybe two bosses up to that point. Very little leather and maybe a single piece of mail.

We ended up having our only two wipes of the night at KT. The first time, melee was standing to close to the tank and 3 of the got iceblocked. The second time, our main tank literally fell asleep and died to a void zone. We took him down the third time with 9 people as one of the Rogues "DCed". I got the Hammer of the Astral Plane for my efforts.

Some interesting things over the run.

- I was the top healer
- The bear tank was the top damage doing about 2800 dps over the run....OP anyone?
- The bear tank tanked everything. The only time that the DK switched to tank spec was on Thaddius and Patchwerk. The Druid tanked all the adds and bosses on every other fight. He also solo tanked Gluth.
- Rogues dont seem to know that whirlwinds are bad. The majority of deaths over the run came from rogues getting killed by the whirlwinding mobs in the Millitary Quarter
- Before our wipes on KT, I only died Noth's curse after he went down. DOH.

Overall, it was a fun and quick run. Now if I could just get my fiancee to not be mad that I was up until 0430 AM finishing it :(

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Fish said...

This is precisely why I'm leveling my druid, plate looks nice and all, but OP FTW!!!