Monday, June 29, 2009

Carrot on a Stick

This is not about the in game item that you get from a quest in Zul'Farrak. Carrot on a Stick is what WoW does so very well. There is always that one (or more) things out of reach that keep you going in the game. It could be anything. A piece of gear, a vanity pet, or even taking down a raid boss.

The thing about the carrot on a stick is that there will always be a new one dangled in front of you no matter what level of player you are. New raid bosses and gear for raiders, new mounts and gear for PvPers, more dailies for people who are into that kind of thing. It will pretty much never end.

That said, is it really that bad? Blizzard gets what they want in subscription fees, and we get what we want.....a game we enjoy playing. When you beat a game, there is a sense of satisfaction....but there is also a tinge of sadness. If you had an enjoyable experience, you will probably play it over. Part of the beauty of WoW is that you can play it over any way you want. There are no limitations to what you can do depending on how much time you have.

Yesterday, I finally got one of those carrots on a stick. The Royal Crest of Lordaeron. It was not really an upgrade over my Titansteel Shieldwall, but I WANTED IT. I was sick of looking at the same shield since the day I turned 80. I ran CoS despite being exalted with the Northrend Factions for that shield. I got many people their mounts for that shield. Then it finally dropped....and I am already looking ahead to the next carrot.

My next carrots are of course the emblem change that will allow me to upgrade several pieces of gear and still let me run Heroics, which are still very fun to me. The other carrot is yet another shield....The Northern Barrier. I have yet to see it on the AH, but will pay a pretty penny for it when I do. Money is really no object at this point for me.

The carrot will dangle constantly. For some people this is an annoyance. For others it is a good thing. You will get to play that game you love in the way you love for much much longer if a new carrot appears to replace the old. I say enjoy the carrots while they last. This game will not be around forever and one day, you will have to find a different kind of carrot to follow.


Syrana said...

I say enjoy the carrots while they last.

I shall enjoy the carrots til the garden is empty. ;)

Occeleta said...

Yeah. There is always a carrot. It's just sometimes people get bored of chasing such carrots and start looking for some radishes or cucumbers. Dang it, now I want a salad.

Manhorn said...

Yes these 'carrots' are my drug of choice and I need to score

Fish said...

yeah, I ran through CoS a time or 2 and I have the worst luck with drops EVER so I just made the Titansteel shield. I have serious doubts I'll ever get either the red sword or the slayer of lifeless, just like I never got the sun eater. . .I hate things based on RNG.