Friday, June 12, 2009

Hardware Malfunction

Dont you love when everything seems to happen at once. I have been saving up for my wedding as well as blizzcon (already got tickets and hotel, saving spending money), and the hard drive on my good computer decided to crap the bed.

I am typing this from my 5 plus year old computer :( I can play WoW on it still, just not up to the standard I am used to. I will hopefully get my other computer fixed tommorow, then I will be able to enjoy my gaming time.

Until then, I guess its Auction Housing (with crappy addons) and leveling a few alts.

Anyways, as far as in-game stuff goes, I have done all of one raid this entire week. The rest of the time has been spent mosly on my glyph business.

Have a good weekend everyone. I hope your computer doesnt decide to crap out as well.

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