Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Favorite and Least Favorite Classes

Sometimes you get things right the first time you create a character. You love that character and have tons of fun playing it. Sometimes you have to reroll a few times before you actually find that special toon.

For me, my favorite toon to play is my warrior. Darraxus was the first character I ever made, and the only one I had for a while. Until a few months into BC, I only had one alt who was level 17 at the time. Now my entire server list is full of characters.

There are a lot of things I love about playing my warrior. To me, warriors always seemed like the hard ass mercenary archetype. They are just as at home leading a battle or smashing heads with a giant two handed weapon.

For some reason I always gravitate towards warrior type characters in any fantasy type setting. The same held true in EQ and EQ 2, Asherons Call 2, DAoC, and even in SWG where I spent alot of time raising my teras-kasi and melee weapon skills. I like the fact that they can use any weapon in the game and wear heavy plate armor. I also love shields.

Shields are probably the one main thing that identifies a prot warrior in WoW (gear wise at least). Back in BC, you knew a prot warrior was badass if you saw him rocking Kaz'rogal's Hardened Heart or the Bulwark. In the first parts of Wrath, the serious raiders either had the shield off of Patchwerk, KT, or Maly 10. Now there are all kinds of ugly ones with faces on them from Ulduar.

As far as skills go, the coolest thing a warrior has in his arsenal is charge. I love being able to rush into battle like a dwarf gone mad. It looks cool and gives you a chance to start up well before the dps go to town. I can also be very dangerous when mis-used. Giant patrol face pulls and outrunning your healers are potential problems.

On the flip side of things, possibly my least favorite class is the priest. They were THE healer back before BC and have always been good healers. Trying to level one was just so very underwhelming for me. There was never that one moment where I said 'Man this class is cool'. I have probably rolled and erased around 5 different priests during my WoW life.

It could just be how boring the low levels are. Perhaps it gets better later. I always just felt incredibly squishy. I did not really enjoy the rotation of SWP and smite over and over. I also didnt like how often I had to stop for mana.

I know that Priests are very usefull as both a healing and dps class. I have even thought it would be very cool to level a discipline priest because I like their mitgation as opposed to the raw healing of other classes (or even Holy spec priests). I just cant bring myself to do it. If I were ever to level yet another healer, it would probably be a Shaman with their pew pew chain heals.

What are your favorite and least favorite classes?


Pangoria Fallstar said...

I'm glad you'd pick shaman as your healer class, as it's my favorite, but for your lowbie priest, I must say you were doing it wrong.

Sadly low level priests get more dps from a wand. So it's bubble, SWP, wand to death, renew SWP as needed. Until you're high enough to get mindflay, and later shadowform.

Anonymous said...

I was so proud of getting my shield from Patchwerk the first time we killed him. I think I even blogged about it, I felt so 'Yes! I tank in a raid guild! Fear me!' :)

My least favourite is shaman, funnily enough. I played one to level 30 but just couldn't do it any more, I hated everything about enhancement. I don't even know why. I find every other melee class in the game to be more fun.

*vlad* said...

I have a Warrior, but he is a long way from level cap.
The problem I have with him is that I always compare him to my Paladin, and he comes up short, especially the inability to heal himself if a pull goes wrong.

I would like to level a Shaman to see how it plays, and it does seem to be very versatile these days.

My favourite class will continue to be the Warlock, despite Blizzard's determination to turn all ranged dps classes into clones.

My least favourite class continues to be the Hunter; I like the concept, but not the execution.

Dorgol said...

I discovered shortly after TBC release that the Warlock I had been playing for 2 years was lacking in some areas.

I discovered this because my Paladin turned out to be all kinds of awesome. I've always been somewhat defense-oriented (my Warlock Soul Link spec'd and packing 7k life pre-TBC, as much as many tanks), so the Paladin really played into that. Having the ability to heal, free, protect, and tank for a group was so much better than just dealing damage to the enemy.

Amusingly enough, my first character ever was a Druid. Got him to 16 before I created the Warlock. Over the course of Vanilla and TBC I leveled 3 or 4 other Druids, never getting past level 25.

Now I have my Paladin at 80 and raiding Ulduar 25. I have my Warlock at 80 and basically gathering dust except for enchanting needs. AND I have an 80 Druid healing and DPSing in heroics.

I should never have given up on all those druids in the past. SUCH a great class. :)

Barrista said...

My Paladin was my first and my favorite. My second favorite is my mage. She wasn't always. In fact, she kind of sucked and got killed very easily early on.

My least favorite are druids (ducks head). Maybe it's just the quest areas, but somehow I don't think so. People think it's cool to turn into a bear or cat and fight, but I always thought, why not just make me a cat from the beginning? Or a bear? I guess shapeshifting isn't my thing.

Copernicus said...

My favorite has been the shaman. I leveled as enhancement and enjoyed the heck out of it, then when I hit 70, I went elemental to do some PvP and found it to be a blast as well. Now at 80 I'm dual spec'd elemental and resto, with resto as my main spec, and I love healing as well. It's just an all around good fit for me.

My other characters:

Druid - lots of fun, and I enjoy the heck out of tanking, but not quite as fun as shaman.

Rogue - my first "main". I liked the rogue, but I'm really terrible at it. I don't do stun locks because I like to play "fair". I also hate that I can't heal myself. Sitting at 71 for the forseeable future.

Mage - is fun, but feels like a watered down shaman. Why use the rest, when you can use the best? However I've discovered interest in mage PvP, so will probably pick it back up. 48 at the moment.

Paladin - Meh. It's easy and kinda fun, but there is no spark for me. He's sitting at 71 now and probably will be for a while.

Hunter - Is too easy. I've face rolled my way to 33 and get no real fun from it. It's missing a challenge I guess.

Warlock - I leveled affliction and became really, really, really bored with it. I don't really like the dot, dot, dot, wait for them to die method. After I switched to destro for Kara, I found it much more exciting. He's sitting at 78 now and will be my third 80.

Priest - see above about dots. He's 30 something, but will move up eventually. (this is actually my third priest. Not one of my favorites at all.)

Warrior - I found completely unexciting. I've rolled two and have deleted them both. I'm a sucker for dual wielding though. I may try again in the future.

Death Knight - I've resisted the temptation, as of yet. I'm sure I'll try one eventually.

"D" said...

Heh, my favorite has been the shaman, actually. My main is a shadow priest (could never get much into healing, but shadow priests just look so COOL!) and I've loved playing it ever since turning 40 and getting my shadow form, but my enhancement shaman? All kinds of awesome - I can heal myself, I can use my earth elemental totem to tank in a pinch, I can use my fire elemental totem to clear a room full of mobs, I have my fun spirit wolves, I use a combination of spells and melee dps abilities, I can dual-wield, I provide raid buffs with windfury and flametongue totems, plus heroism ... what's not to love? The first 40 levels were sort of slow, admittedly, but once I got dual-wield? Just. Plain. Awesome.

My least favorite class to play? It's a tie. The first is a hunter. I've never liked really having a permanent pet to worry about, which is why I'm also sort of "eh" about warlocks, despite trying to level one currently on the Horde side (she's at 31). I've tried and tried to level hunters, but the farthest I got was level 35 - just can't get over my dislike for having to "send" my pet to attack. Maybe I need macros or something ... not sure what it is. I love using bows and crossbows, though, and I like being a ranged dps ... maybe I should give it another go?

But I said it was a tie - my other least favorite is, hands down, a death knight. I'm not sure what it is, really - maybe the fact that there are still so damn many of them around? I've started probably five different death knights, different races and factions, I've played them all through the not-so-bad starting quests, but after that .. the farthest I've gotten is 63. I just can't get the hang of it, I suppose - it just feels to me like I'm mashing buttons. Faceroll ftw! Don't get me wrong - I know some very, very competent and truly great death knights that I raid with now, some of them absolutely fantastic at tanking and others at the top of every dps chart ... just that I can't get into playing one. :-P

But you didn't really specify "favorite and least favorite to play" versus just "favorite and least favorite, period." Just a side note - my favorite class is the druid, hands down - such a great class, I wish mine was over level 60. I could be happy in a guild full of druids, seriously. And least favorite class overall? The rogues. Nothing they bring that someone else can't bring - others can even pick locks, based on their professions. I even out-dps most of them. :-( With a hybrid class (my shadow priest).

But maybe I just don't like them because they always gank me in pvp. Stun me, and then kill me before I can even get out of the stun - they suck!

Things said...

You're are 100% correct to want a Disc Priest, since I loved having one heal me while tanking I thought "Why not see the otherside of the fence" My Main is a Prot warrior, but I just got my Disc Priest to 80 and she's quickly becoming my Favorite toon. Leveling wasnt to bad, went Shadow, with the right gear there's very little down time and I never thought I was too squishy to take on 2-3 mobs at a time. Priests can be a grind but just get to 80 and you will LOVE it. Knowing what a tank has to do makes you a better healer right off the bat.

Fish said...

Priests are tough, I have one that is shadow, single targets are fine (use a macro to use shield on yourself, its just like frost barrier, just you get it EARLY). They just completely lack anything resembling AoE (Holy nova DOES NOT COUNT).

My least fav class is easily Rogue. They're squishy, slow when stealthing (compared to my druid), arent viable at range and seem to exist purely as an annoyance in PvP.

drug said...

My orc shaman is my first an favorite character.

Close second is my warrior, even if I hated leveling him.

I don't like everything that is male bloodelf. I don't like bloodelfs in general. I rolled some myself when the race was all new and shiny, but now their race is one of the reasons why I don't level them further.