Friday, September 4, 2009

Baby Steps: First Heroic

I have been playing with my fiancee for a while now, but she is has not been completly comfortable with instancing. Even though she does fine, she still felt like people were thinking she sucked for no reason really. If she died in an instance for whatever reason, she would think that everyone else was mad at her despite them not saying anything.

So, tonight is going to be the first time she will set foot into a Heroic Instance. I bought her some decent gear to go along with the Argent Tournament Dagger we purchased for her with 25 seals.

To get her ready, it of course took a bit of a bribe. I will be giving her a vanity pet. To me, it is worth it. She was not comfortable with her DPS rotation, so I took her to the target dummies in Stormwind. I taught her how to use Starfire until eclipse procced and then switch to Wrath. I taught her where to look for the Eclipse proc that that she could switch back to Starfire after it ended. One of the other main things I showed her was that you can queue your spells in WoW. She would wait for the cast to completly end then press the button again about a half a second later. I had her press it before the end of the spell to tighten up the rotation a bit.

To make it even simpler, she just spams the button through the entire cast. She actually did very well, doing about 1600 dps on a level 80 test dummy. I also had her practice her AOE by Hurricaning three at once.

By the end of 20 or so minutes, she was much more comfortable. Now she can know that she will not be a noob when she sets foot into that first Heroic. She will do just fine.

I think part of her motivation is to replace the hideos chest piece I got her. She wants a pretty dress....and is wearing an ugly ass brown shirt with purple pants lol.

So, to get her to run took beautification and bribery of vanity (pet).


Anonymous said...

Hi there, I'm just starting a moonkin (currently lvl 73). I see you suggested doing starfire until the wrath eclipse, but I read somewhere...can't remember where though...that you should do wrath until the starfire eclipse. Is there any advantage to doing one over the other? I imagine there might be a gear level that would change which version to use being that one is a +crit buff and the other a +spdmg buff.

Occeleta said...

If I'm awake I'll try and be there and give her one less to worry about upsetting. I can even bring my DK or Huntard and possibly make her feel better bout her performance with those two toons sucky gear.

Ruhtra said...

It is nice to see another couple going through the paces. I remember when I took my wife into her first heroic instance back in BC. She too was nervous about doing a good job and by the end of it she felt pretty comfortable. Best of luck with it!

Angela said...

lol, the ladies always want to be beautified :) that is a riot, and running heroics will get her better gear that will make her feel better about her DPS or Healing or whatever she does, so ya gotta do it babe, we all die! lol, just laugh it off! (all this from a WoW Mom of three)