Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Linkage

Yeah Im being lazy today. Big whoop wanna fight about it? Figured I would link some of the blogs I read incase you never actually visit the blogroll on the right side of my blog.

Arioch at Clearcasting is comparing haste to swedish fish. At least she didnt compare it to candy corn....the red headed step child of candy.

Tarsus the Stupid Tank (Scarlet Crusade Represent!!!) wrote about the tanking goodies that Onyxia drops for those of you too lazy to go to WoWHead or dowload Atlas Loot!

The Ancient Gaming Noob recounted his experiences as a pirate at brewfest......pirates....with beer. WHO WOULDA THUNK IT!!!!!

Aggro Junkie is being even lazier than I am!!!!

Doctor Moocow over at WTFspagetti is looking for a new home. Holla back at him.

That will conclude my laziness for today. I am far to busy being delicious!


Arioch said...

Candy Corn is candy only by virtue of having the word "candy" in its name.

Your response to swedish fish on my blog is blasphemous. =P

Dorgol said...

I like candy corn. :(

Misneach said...

Being lazy is full of win. Especially on a Friday.

Tarsus said...

Scarlet Crusade shout out!

P.S. - King Varian Wrynn can DIAF. Magni lives, as long as the booze flows.