Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Quirky Behavior

If nothing else, most people who have read his blog know that Tam is quirky. His most recent experience is about his love for the Wolvar pup and his subsequent adventures all around Northrend (including claims of his pups leet DPS).

Almost everybody I have met in WoW has had some kind of quirky behavior. Usually, it is something that will make you smile or raise and eyebrow. My fiancee for example is about as casual of a player as they get. However, she is more quirky than most. When she pulls out her Mechanopeep, she will also bring out the appropriate colored Mechanostrider so that they can spend time together.....mother and child. She only calls Mechanostriders by the name that she gave them....Ridiculouses.

Another little quirky thing is that she always rotates her Mechanostriders. She does this so that they never feel neglected by her using the same one over and over. If I do something for her on her character, she gets upset if I keep using the same one over and over again.

She also doesnt want ugly gear. Forget the stats. If it is ugly, she doesnt want it. That is why I had to buy her and Ebonweave Robe. It is styling and it also has helpful stats. This is the same reason she doesnt show her helmet (which even I admit is hideous).

She was also hell bent on completing the achivements to love all of the little critters on the world....of Warcraft. She succeeded.

I have had known many other players who are very quirky for other reasons. I have an aussie friend who was always really broke. Every bit of money he made went bye bye. It burned a hole in his wallet so to speak. He also had a bad habit of not looting his corpses....perhaps contributing to his perpetual brokeness. He hasnt been on for quite some time, but he got hacked a month or so back. We figured this out as the characters kept logging on and off constantly. Even characters he had no played for a year. We laughed at the hacker in whispers and guild chat.....why? He choose the wrong account to hack. Even if he sold everything on the characters he was looking at maybe 200 gold.

There is a fine line between quirky and annoying however. People who blurt out things annoyingly usually cross that line. People who spell all of their character names with special characters that most people dont know how to use are also more annoying than quirky.....HOW AM I GOING TO WHISPER YOU!!!!!

What kinds of quirky (or annoying) behaviors have you witnessed in you long (or short) time in WoW?


Arioch said...

I know someone that will dismiss vanity pets before mounting up. She feels sorry for them running so fast to keep up with the mount.

Anonymous said...

Quirky, huh? That's polite-speak for nuts, isn't it? ;)

Fish said...

One thing my friend noticed, paladins are all sensitive about their jobs, pally tanks and healers can't stand someone usurping "their" role. . . (I'm just as guilty as anyone else)

River said...

I have no quirks, I'm as sane as it gets....but my guild might disagree with me.