Monday, September 21, 2009

Back Into the Swing of Things

I got in a bit of WoW time over the weekend, but it was pretty sporadic. Most of the time was spent getting the glyph industry back up to speed.

The shitty thing is that the glyph market is even worse than when I left. One of the old "goblins" who left is back and the market is super competitive. I am still bringing in around 1.5-2k, but I have to work harder for it. Most of the glyphs are selling in the 4 gold range now. Sometime I get lucky and post one that doesnt have any other up for a ridiculous price at it sells. I am currently sitting at 178k.

I have actually decided what to do once I hit the gold cap. I am going to send about 10k to about 5 of my toons and keep on trucking. This should give them the gold they need for anything that pops up. I have also considered giving out B-Day presents of 1000 gold to my friends.

Besides the glyph stuff, I started on some of the Brewfest crap on Darraxus. I got several of the achivements done, and this meta achivement should be relatively easy to get. It just takes time as you can only obtain so many of the brewfest tokens per day.

We blasted Direbrew 5 times with two tanks and 3 dps. I never even got below half health before he went down. I picked up one of the Stamina trinkets to replace my essence of gossamer. I do not know if it would be worth getting the other to replace the Black Heart. It would be a good chunk more stamina, but I also like the proc on the Black Heart. The other trinkets are very meh. The main reason I was there was for a stam trinket and a shot at the Kodo and Direbrew's remote control.

The main reason I want to complete the holliday meta achivement in the title. A beer swilling title for a beer swilling Dwarf seems all too appropriate. I think I am going to hold off on the pink elephant pet until I get the other stuff done since I already have the 75 pet achivement in the bag.

My wife has been playing a bit on her own doing her favorite in game activity. Picking flowers. She flys around Scholazar Basin picking flowers and then sells them to me. We both profit. She also gets to pick up a bunch of Frost Lotus to sell on the Auction House. We will probably do some of the brewfest stuff together this weeks so that she can get the pet at the very least.

The time away was wonderful, but it is good to be back. How was your weekend (and last week for that matter).


Dorgol said...

I switched my Ret build to Protection on my Pally (still main-spec Holy). I knew I had picked up some decent tank gear to offspec rolls over the last few months, but I hadn't bothered gemming / enchanting it.

Turns out I'm up to 30k HP unbuffed with 90% avoidance with Holy Shield. I think I'll stick with Prot for awhile, maybe even tank a raid for the first time in my 5 years of WoW.

Guild killed Anub25. Being the lone Holy Paladin worked in my favor (again) as I was defaulted the chestpiece (and already have some leggings). Sadly, the spellpower shield that dropped off of Faction Champs went to a Shaman (despite the fact that I'm still using the badge shield while he had a i226 Shield from Ulduar).

My solo farming of HMgT paid off and I now have a White Hawkstrider. This put me at 88 mounts, so I've decided to go for the 100 mount achievement. If I get all the remaining Tournament mounts I'll be at 94. Two PvP mounts puts me at 96. Violet Proto-drake will be 97. I'm leaning towards getting at least one of the Halaa mounts, plus I still have mounts from the Egg, Strat, UP, ZG, Kara. If I'm REALLY lucky I'll get a mount or two from Brewfest and Hallow's End...

Definately possible to be done by Christmas.

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