Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend Update

This weekend was super bust IRL so I only got a bit of playing in over the weekend. Unfortunately, I have not been able to run a raid or anything of the such for a few weeks now. I am still dying to get into an Onyxia run. Anyways, here is breakdown of some of the weekends activities.

Leveling: There was a little bit of leveling over the weekend on my part. I got a few bubbles of XP for my Warlock. The AV nerf has really hurt the XP. I am getting about 5k less XP per objective now which really adds up. And I am getting a ton less honor. It may be time to venture back into the world of questing. So far the other BGs still seem to be sucktastic for XP. I also dusted off my level 69 Hunter to do a few quests with a friend who recently reactivated his account. He quit just after the scourge invasion during BC and picked up Wrath just a few weeks ago. We smashed a few of the Kaluak quests before I had to head to bed.

Brewfest: I am still grinding out Brewfest tokens so that I can get the title. I am not doing it to get the Violet Protodrake. I left too many unfinished Hollidays for that. I am doing it because a Dwarf with the Brewmaster title if full of win. It is unfortunately a pretty slow grind. I have saved all of the tokens so far so that I can pick up the clothes for that achivement, do the dalaran achivement, go back to the Brewfest grounds and trade the clothes back in for the tokens. Then I plan on getting the Brew of the Month thing and the pink ellek. I have not been motivated to do Direbrew as all.

Auction House: This is probably where I spent the majority of my available time over the weekend. The Glyph Market is still down, but it also seems like some of my main competitors may be slowing down. The big sellers over the weekend were Snowfall Ink, Iron-Bound Tomes, and Runescrolls of Stamina. Snowfall Ink is only going got 10 gold a piece but they are coming out my ears. I have been selling 1-2 Iron Bound Tomes a day for 450 gold each. That is a nice profit considering the mats used. The last is the new group stamina scroll. To make a stack of 5, it takes 10 resilient parchment and 1 snowfall ink (I believe that is correct). Inks are going for 10 gold and resilient parchment are 40 silver each. So for around 14 gold, I make 5 Runescrolls which I then sell for 11-14 gold PER SCROLL. I have sold a bunch of them.

Other than that, I was busy moving and getting things set up at a new place. How was your weekend?


niconorsk said...

You should at least do Direbrew once for the one-time only quest that gives you 40 tokens.

Arioch said...

Also a couple nice tanking trinkets drop off him. And if you don't care about the mount you could sell your summons.

Darraxus said...

I did the quest already and have one of the stam trinkets. The only reason for me to go there now is a chance at a mount or BOE.

thedoctor said...

"How was your weekend?"

Fantastic, thanks for asking.


Darth Solo said...

Dude your wife must be very understanding (or a WoW fan) to let you do all that over the weekend. Unfortunately I didn't get much done.