Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Do you know a Dum-Dum?

WoW is a social game. All MMOs are made that way. You can get to the end game without interacting with people if you like, but they are regardless. In your travels, you will most likely meet many new people and even make a few friends. A few of these friends may be dum-dums.

These are the people that you play with whose company you enjoy.....but they are generally terrible at the game. They are usually called noobs. Since they are a friend, they are dum-dums instead. We have all seen them......they will make you facepalm in oh so many ways. These dum-dums are usually teachable. Since they are your dum-dum, feel free to do the teaching.

You may be wondering...."Darraxus, how do I know if my friend is a dum-dum?" Well I am glad you asked!! If you don't know if your friend is a dum-dum, you may in fact be a dum-dum yourself. In case you are the dum-dum (which we know you arent because you are smart enough to be reading my blog duh), I will list a few sure ways to spot if your friend (or you) are dum-dums.

1) They gear like a dum-dum: Your Deathtard friend gets to level 80. You inspect him and see defense gear mixed with spellpower gear and a few pieces of leather or mail. You may even find them wearing a piece of cloth gear. This is a sure fire sign of a dum-dum. If they have been wearing the same boots since level 19, they may be a dum-dum. If they only choose items that match regardless of stats, they may be a dum-dum....unless its an RP server, then they can have both.

2) They spec like a dum-dum: All of their talent points in one tree? Check! This is one mistake that a lot of dum-dums seem to make. They dont fully research their class and hear that "x-spec" is the best for their class. They then dump every point into that tree. These are usually the ones that you find in a oug that are doing 900 dps at level 80. They try.....but they are dum-dums.

3) They use rotations like a dum-dum: A rotation is the proper order that you should be using abilities to maximize your DPS or threat. Healers are different in that they need to be reactive. If their rotation includes throwing in abilities they should not be using or their rotations are too loose, they may be a dum-dum. Make sure they are using the max rank of their spell too. True story about a friend who may have been a dum-dum and has since improved.

He was a hunter. He was beastmaster until well after he hit 80. He was doing 800 dps. We changed his spec. He started doing 1000 dps. We told him to make sure to send in his pet immediately. He started doing 1200 dps. We told him to tighten up his rotation and had him set up his buttons in order of priority. He did 1800 dps. Then he figured out he was using rank one of explosive shot and black arrow! DPS went up to about 2500 in 5-10 mans and 3500 in 25s. Dum-dums can get better. They just need to be pointed in the right direction.

4) They make gold like dum-dum: They do not know how to use their professions to make money. They barely know how to use their profession to their own advantage. Instead of using the auction house smartly, they vendor everything they get. They don't know the value of anything. They sell too low and pay too high for items. Especially items they dont really need.

If your friend appears to be a dum-dum. Give them help immediately. They will thank you for it. If you appear to be a some research and quit being so lazy...dum-dum.


Anonymous said...

Hurrah! I'm not a dum-dum! That's a real relief to me :) Well, arguably I'm not anyway ;)

I do know a couple of people like this - an ex-guildie who was just the loveliest person in the world and genuinely really fun to play the game with. She still mails me kungaloosh just because she knows Tam has a soft spot for it.

The worst of it is, I think she's a partial dum-dum. She's occasionally *really good* - like she was the first our DKs to realise that heartstrike = win. For a while, when were first breaking into level 80 dungeons, despite the fact she was geared-like-an-absolute-no-hoper she was actually still pulling in the best DPS of the DKs.

Truthfully it's kind of heartbreaking.

I try to do a little bit of teaching ("please stop rolling on spell plate, please for the love of God") but ultimately I don't want to ruin someone's pleasure in the game with my insistence tha they do it "properly." It's not like she wants to be in Uldar or anything :)

Leiandra said...

lol. I had a dum-dum DK that had defense on most of his gear... his DPS gear. Yeah... umm... in VoA he did like 800 dps. It was sad. He was a dum-dum.

thedoctor said...

You wrote "dum-dum" exactly 22 times in your post.

That is the kinda of stuff I do at 3:48am at work.


lol <3

Fish said...

LOL I thought I might fall into Dum-dum, thankfully, I seem to have avoided it. No one wants to be "that guy". Everyone probably has been at some point.

Arioch said...

Watermelon dum-dums are the best.

That is all.