Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Weekend Update

I had a very busy weekend in WoW (as well as pretty busy schedule IRL). I got tons of crap done, so let me break it down for you.

Instances/Raids: First off, my fiancee did her first Heroic with me. It was good and it was bad. The bad was that she got incredibly stressed out with the jousting part (and wanted to stop playing right there). The good part is that she got another nice piece of gear and did a pretty decent job DPSing. She ended up doing 1800 dps for the run in a few epics and a bunch of crappy quest rewards. I only wish she had not gotten so stressed out.

I ran a ton of Heroics over the weekend with my Druid and got my t8.5 helm. I also ran a few raids. One was fail beyond fail, and the other was a ton of fun. The fail run was a Naxx 10 that I jumped into just for the hell of it. As soon as we hit the first boss, the failnessmonster reared its ugly head. We wiped on Anub. Yes, you read that correctly. We wiped on Anub. We had two healers (myself and a Shaman, two tank (DK and Warrior) and a bunch of DPS including Occeleta on his Hunter.

The first attempt went something like this. DK tank pulls......back to the entrance? WTF!!! While he is doing that, apparently he is not worrying about his threat rotation. Two seconds later there are two dead DPS. In middle of a Locust Swarm, the Shaman (supposed to be tank healing) DCed. Tank goes down, and we wipe.

We regroup. I say "Why did you pull him to the front door. Why didnt you tank him where he stands like everyone else?" Raid leader says something about having been there "a thousand times". To which I reply "WOW A THOUSAND!!! Didnt know we had the many resets!". Tank doesnt listen. Pulls like a retard. Two DPS die immediately. We get through the fight after about 10 minutes....seriously. One of the dead DPS leaves the raid group. Another follows. Then the Shaman accused me of heal sniping. Heal sniping....on a Druid....with two healers.....doing Anub....where both healers should be healing the tank. It was at this point that I decided to leave. Occeleta left as well. The retard DK tank was doing a massive 900 dps. At level 80 in epics.

On the other hand, I also had an awesome run with my Druid. I got into an Ulduar 10 run with a pug. I thought it may be shaky as we wiped on our first try of FL with 2 towers up. We downed him the second go round with very little difficulty. We then moved on and one shotted Razorscale. I got a new healing belt out of it. From there we moved on and one shotted XT as well with no issues. We two shotted Ignis and then moved on to Iron Council. We had 4 or 5 rought attempts before we decided to skip it and head over to Kologarn. Kolo was one shotted and I picked up a sweet ass healing trinket. We decided to call it there as several people had to go.

On my warrior basically did Heroic ToC and a Naxx 25. The pug Heroic ToC I did was fine. The guild one was complete fail. Mainly due to the resto shaman fucking around and trying to be funny. "Oh look, I totem pulled all of the mobs just before Paletress. Then we got DPS getting exploded by ghouls in the Black Knight phase 2. After about our 4th idiotic wipe, I left group. Fail in a PuG is one thing. People being idiots in guild is another.

The Naxx 25 on the other hand went really well. I went just for the fun of it....and for a chance at some DPS gear. We cleared 3 wings before I had to go with no problems. I got a DPS ring and my T7.5 DPS pants out of it. One interesting story: The new ability to trade items came in handy during this run. The crappy tanking trinket off of Maexxna dropped. Both of my trinkets are ilvl200. Those were the only slots I needed to get the "Epic" achievment. I asked to borrow the trinket, equipped it into both slots and BAM. I officially became epic. I then handed it off to a Paladin tank who was wearing mostly blues.

Leveling/PvP: I started leveling my Warlock again....through Alterac Valley. If your team doesnt suck, not only do you get tons of XP, but you also get a lot of honor. I started the evening 2 bars into 74 and ended it 1.5 bars from 75. I ended up getting a few achivements along the way as well as about 15k honor. The tradeoff is off is that you really dont make very much gold. And that it is hard to do a ton of damage against 80s. My Warlock is very well geared and has more health than some of the 80s that showed up, but hitting the bad guys was the hardest part. I took down a bunch of Horde including a few 80s solo. I think this is 100 percent how I am going to level my Warlock to 80. So far the other BGs suck for gaining experience and AV has pretty much become the 71-79 bracket with a few 80s sprinkled in.

One annoying thing I saw in a few games was 5 boxers. In one game, the Horde had a 5 box resto Druid and a 5 box Warlock. Getting 5 corruptions thrown on you at the exact same time kinda sucks.

Auction House: I made nice chunks of gold over the weekend but found that I was not really as into it as usualy. I really wanted to do more instances, and keeping up the glyph industry can be brutal at times. That said, I am at ober 167k and still creeping towards the gold cap. I decided to try selling a few of the epic tomes I can make, but have had zero luck so far.

Overall, it was a pretty good weekend. How was yours?


Arioch said...

Heal sniping?

Isn't it the goal to keep all the people up?

Honestly, I don't care where my heals come from so long as I get them.

I don't get some people.

Vorian87 said...

getting the keepers25 achievement personally :P

and getting exalted with Sha'tar and Violet Eye and thus getting the 20 exalted rep achievement

Fish said...

I really dislike ToC, well, the 1 time I've ran it. I couldn't decide if I was undergeared to run it, the DPS sucked, or the heals sucked. I used to think 30k health was awesome lol

mOr fre epikz plz!!! (that was painful to type)

WTFspaghetti said...

WTF is heal sniping? I mean seriously...can you explain what he meant by this? I am confused by the dumbness of this.

Congratz on the Epic achievement and /giggle on how you did. Very clever.

I am leveling my druid from 51-58 soley thru AV. The xp really kicks ass.