Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Clash of the Titans

So, there is a big raging war going on between Gevlon the Greedy Goblin and Marcko of Just My Two Copper. I read both of these blogs from time to time. Gevlon has some entertainment value with his ridiulous social commentarys and is probably the biggest reason that I hit the gold cap.

Marcko used to have a great sight for making gold. Then he converted most tips into his gold guide and started posting mostly garbage. I do enjoy some of his PvP videos and his Forums can be nice at times.

Apparently, Marcko wanted Gevlon to post a banner of his guide up on the Greedy Goblin. Gevlon wanted no part of it and picked his emails apart due to being pushed too far. Gevlon posted Marcko's email address on his site.

Who is winning this war right now? It looks like Gevlon to be honest. Not only has he got Tobold's backing him up, but Marcko is running around acting like he has sand in his vagina. Marcko left comments on Tobold's blog speaking nonsense saying that Tobold is trying to sully his name.

Marcko needs to put this behind him fast. He already has dirt on his face. Get a move on before the whole blogosphere starts to turn.

I like both blogs and will continue reading both of them. I think Marcko was wrong for being an overaggressive douchebag with his advertisement requests. Gevlon was not cool for posting Marcko's real personal information.

This looks like it is going to get ugly folks.

Perhaps I should make up a fake e-mail from Jong........and we can have an internet battle. PARODY IS A BREWING!!!!!


Forreststump said...

Reads "...sand in his vagina". Citrus Vault promptly ejected via nasal passages. Thanks, Darraxus!

I need to start putting my beverages down when I browse the blogs...

Darth Solo said...

Dude your writing style is priceless! I don't wanna take sides in this dispute and I'll continue to read both blogs. Although lately I haven't seen a lot of worthwhile content, it makes good sense to follow anything interesting that might be posted.