Monday, November 30, 2009

Weekend Update

I did a bit of everything this weekend in WoW. I did some PvE, some PvP, and some leveling. Let me break it down like Vanilla Ice.

Instancing/Raiding: I did less of this than expected, but still did a little bit. Ran Heroic HoL on my Druid and my Warlock when it was the heroic daily. I still hate my Warlock's AOE dps. It is terrible. I do 3500 on bosses, but barely 2k for the instance overall. I dont think I tried to get in on any raids at all.

PvP: This is where I spent a good chunk of time on my Warlock this weekend. One day I teamed up with my former arena partner and we ran a bunch of Warsong Gulch matches. We won 75 percent which is much higher than the Alliance usually wins in our battlegroup. I also did a bunch of Wintergrasp matches so that I can get the PvP bracers. The only Wintergrasp we actually lost was when the match started and the Horde suddenly had 16 demolishers. I wonder when they are going to fix that bug. I am having much more fun PvPing on my Warlock.....but I still fucking hate rogues.

Leveling: Leveling was all about my DK this weekend. I gained one whole level and shoud gain a second today. I also picked up dual spec on my DK for when I actually do some instance. So far it has been questing only. I have the heirloom chest and shoulders which is a nice boost to my xp gain. Once I run out of rested on my DK, I may switch over to my Hunter for a bit. In other news, I started yet another RAF. This one is with my wife. I created a little Dwarf Priest and she created a NE Hunter. Priest DPS sucks. I have had to stick to bubbling her and healing unless I feel like going OOM almost instantly.

Short update this week. How was your weekend?


Dorgol said...

I've had the urge to do some leveling over the last few weeks, but trying to level a level 1 (or even my level 30ish Rogue) hasn't cut it.

For some reason, though, I found myself on my mostly abandoned level 72 warrior. And THAT satisfied the need to destroy people and get the joy of questing. I think it really kicked in when I got a random invite to run Nexus as DPS. My warrio doesn't DO groups, because I was always expected to tank.

Since then I've run UK, Nexus, AN, DKT, VH, and HOS. All because I've made buddy-buddy with a Paladin who wants to be a tank. Oh, and it turns out that I put out a ton of DPS - 1700 at level 75.

So this weekend I stayed on the warrior more than not. Though at 78 I backed off the questing and went back to what I enjoy the most - PvP. I did around 30 WSG matches over the weekend. Crap honor, crap XP, but an absolute BLAST.

He hit 79 late last night. I'm not sure I even want him to hit 80. Right now I'm the wrecking ball with 300+ resilience and 19k HPs. If I hit 80 I'll be the wrecked instead of the wrecker. :(

But it has been fun while it lasted. :)

Leah said...

Wintergrasp and instant demolishers is not a bug, its a built in precaution so that it actually changes hands once in a while.

basicaly, every time a faction loses, the next attempt becomes easier for them. if they get tenacity, itscales higher. it takes them less mobs to kill to get a high enough rank to build the vehicles. after one faction held wintergrasp several times in a row, for the other action, it literally takes killing one npc to get the highest rank.

on one hand it sucks. means that after a while, you cannot win, no matter how hard you try. on the other hand, it ensures that if you play on a server with severe population imbalance the underrepresented faction will still get access to VoA once in awhile.

for example, I've never once done a wintergrasp without having tenacity, and on average its about 6. the lowest I had was 2, during peak hours and that was when several guilds decided that they wanted to do VoA for once. off peak, we can go as high as 20 :/

To be perfectly honest, I'll take a balanced population over the joke that is tenacity, but we cannot have everything we want all the time :/

WTF said...

Leveling a priest sucks in general. You need to get a wand asap and it will be your main nuke for awhile lol.

I am slighty disappointed that you didn't bring it with the Vanilla Ice reference. I was expecting some sort of silly, goofy, wow rap lol.


Fish said...

Even at relatively higher levels and as shadow, priest isn't very satisfying. Maybe I got spoiled by elemental shammy: BOOM YOU'RE DEAD!!! The thought of leveling till 75 just to get an AoE kills me. Holy Nova doesn't count. All casters should get some kind of AoE by level 40, period.

You are a better man than me, I refuse to tank on DK. My druid is set up for it, but I just find DK tanks to be fragile and fail, and coming from pally, it seems like it would just kinda suck.

Occeleta said...

Yeah I just got rid of my priest together and rolled a Tauren Shaman. I just can't see myself leveling a priest to 80. I've tried like 4 times and the highest I could manage was 13. I'm not gonna heal with one, I don't even touch healing with my secondary Resto spec on my Shaman. And if want to pew pew I have my Shaman primarily, followed by the Warlock, a lowly Mage and a Druid that will switch to Balance due to having obtained caster heirloom gear.
The Tauren shaman only sits at level 7 ATM since I been sitting at the AH bidding on copper items that would vendor for silver/gold profits. Gonna try and work on that for a bit and start with a decent bank.