Thursday, November 12, 2009

Inscription Borked

Inscription was my big money maker. Then MMO Champion posted a guide and it hasnt been the same. Most glyphs are going for under 4 gold at this point. Recently, I decided to make a change so that I could get to the gold cap a bit faster. It is fueled by gathering rather than buying materials from the auction house.

My Paladin is a double gatherer. Herbalism and Mining. Crusader Aura plus epic flying makes him perfect for this. When I have a bit of free time, I find myself flying around Wintergrasp picking up whatever I can find. There are two main reasons for Wintergrasp as my farming place. There seems to be a higher concentration of Titanium Nodes and there are Frost Lotus nodes. Titanium when prospected gives me a chance at an epic gem or maybe even some Scarlet Rubies.

I have been selling Frost Lotus for 64-75 gold. Epic gems seem to be going for around 175-200 cut, and Runed Scarlet Ruby have been going for 68-75 gold each.

I have been making more like this that I have at inscription for quite some time. Sometimes you just need to change it up a bit to make more gold instead of continuing to beat a dead horse.


Arioch said...

Frost Lotus for 64-75?
My god, I don't even want to know what the prices of flasks are on your server!

Fish said...

Don't prospect the titanium!! I dunno how well the bars sell, but I have seen titanium going for outrageous prices, I prospected a bunch when the patch hit and havent sold any gems. I might cut the ones I have, but epic gems are too easy to get from other sources (ie badges & transmutes), titanium you either have to mine or transmute a ridiculous amount of saronite. . .

Fuubaar said...

I would suggest just selling the ore straight up.

It normally goes for 180g a stack in Ore form on our server.


on my server Frost Lotus were going for around that much until something happend and they dropped like a gnome out of the sky. They went from 80g to 35g each in around 3 weeks. Flasks on the other hand haven't really moved. Went from around 35g each to roughly 25g.