Friday, November 13, 2009

Let the Rage FLOW Through You....

This is about those times when you let the rage flow through you like some late night Taco Bell. Have you ever done something in WoW and though......jeeze im a dipshit.

It could be anything really. People have rage deleted all of their toons for one reason or another. Usually they have to come slinking back to a GM and pretty please their way back into the came.

People rage quit guilds all the time. I WANT MAH LOOTZ IM QUITTING YOU!!!! Sometimes they go all Brokeback and come back with "I WISH I COULD QUIT YOU, REINVITE PLX".

One of the best rages I have heard of is from my former arena partner. I did arena with him for much of the first 4 seasons during BC. We got to 1800 as an affliction lock (me)/ ret pally combo. This was not an ideal comp in those days.

Anyways, the last two seasons he has just missed gladiator. When I say just missed, I mean he was in the mid 2000s for rating. His 2s arena partner for season 1 was on his team for season 2. This was a huge douchebag from the BC days who re-rolled DK when Wrath hit. Well, this douche was guaranteed Gladiator for his 2's team a decided to stop trying in threes. He basically brought in a bunch of randoms so they could get points for gold.

This is where my former arena partner when nerd rage. He deleted all of his arena gear from last season. He had it all. Shoulders, weapon, everything. I did not know about this until a few days ago. I told him to carry me in twos. He responded "I would, but I deleted all of my PvP gear". He is currently trying to build up a new set....currently he has a single piece....the chest from this season. He is sitting at over 1800 rating with 1 piece of arena gear. I guess it goes to show that skill is greater than gear.

As far as my own rage goes, I never do anything like deleting characters etc....though i have been known to yell at my monitor during......ARENA. Yes, Arena has been fun at times, but can also be the most mentally draining and rage inducing activity in WoW. Counter Comps are bitches.

Anyways, have any of you let the dark side loose in the past?


Arioch said...

I have a push to talk button for Vent. This is a very good thing.

In arena, I tend to keep it depressed the entire time so my poor partner got an earful of my running commentary on the hygiene and family trees of our opponents.

In raids, since I am often leading, I double check to make sure I'm not "on" and then let loose at the monitor with a stream of bile and filth. Some nights I am eloquent in my disapproval. Other nights I am burned out to the point of sputtering and incoherent insults.

*vlad* said...

I once pulled a game out of my computer and stamped on it. Other than that I tend to keep my rages to hurling insults at the monitor.

I did know a guy who deleted all his game characters because he thought he had made a really stupid mistake during some instance. Now that's going a bit too far, I think.

What's my main again? said...

There is a horde guild on our server that after every wintergrasp goes to the alliance camp and kills people who come in afk. Their graveyard is so close that they can run back to the immunity and often drag players within range to where they can't be hit.

After getting killed a few times I got pissed and switched to my rogue and proceeded to go to orgrimar and kill anyone flagged that I found. I kind of felt bad about it after... but I was pissed.

Also one time when I was younger... I was playing some baseball video game and got pissed and punched the monitor...which procceded to fall off the stand and break. Think that was the last time I resolved to physical violence. Was kind of funny I kept it there and didn't tell my parents about it. They didn't wonder why I started spending more time outsid either.

Jaedia said...

I think the worst thing I've done is rage logged.. nono, I have rage quit before but I was on the end of my tether in that guild and I didn't regret leaving, just the way I left.

Antigen said...

I had a friend in high school that was really into Rainbow Six 3 for XBox, like the old one that had controllers custom-designed for Andre the Giant. Anyhow, a few buddies and I convinced this friend that if you beat the entire game on the hardest difficulty (which took him DAYS) and waited till the end of the credits, you would get a special golden gun.

Well, let me just tell you this friend had an anger problem. But he was a twig, so it was funny; like watching a child throw a tantrum.

So he finally beat it, and we were all over and waiting with him through the credits, trying not to laugh, and the gun never came, obviously. After about 5 minutes of frantically searching his inventory and menus, he wielded his controller like a hammer and proceeded to beat the shit out of his XBox.

I have never seen a more hilarious raging since.

Fish said...

When I "rage" i disappear from my PvP server and play on a PvE alliance server lol

TheReaper said...

Let me put it this way:
There is a reason I make a point of always having at least 3 spare keyboards in my apartment ;)