Monday, November 2, 2009

Back in the Hizzouse!

So yeah, I am back. And by back I mean not on my death bed. OK, I exaggerate a bit.....but I think I did have swine flu. Yuck. And Fuck. It a box with a fox. Yeah, those are the ramblings of a formerly fevered mind.

So, I wish there was a bunch of WoW stuff to update you on.....unfortunately I was actually too sick to play WoW for the entire week. Being too sick to play WoW mean you are off the flipping charts sick. You might as well strap on a diaper and hook yourself up to an IV.

It was the most miserable I have been in years. To top it off, I got my designated sick taker carer sick too (wifey). So the sick took care of the sick. We felt like we were damn plague bearers and stayed in the hobbit hole.

In other, actual good news, my buddy Occeleta finally got his computer fixed. Turned out it was his motherboard and one of his graphics cards. Now I have another buddy back playing.

Well, I hope to give you more WoW shit all during the week. I should hopefully be back to my good ole weekday posting routing.


Fish said...

Dude, that sucks, I can only imagine. I've been pretty darn sick before, never too sick for wow. . .

Arioch said...

I have been too sick for WoW, pneumonia knocked me out good a while back.

Get better!