Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekend Update

Another weekend goes by.....and another with fairly minimal WoW playing. Not to say I didnt play at all, but it was a fairly small amount.

As I posted in my am now an official WoW Tycoon having hit the gold cap. I also did it while obtaining frivolous things that "Goblins" would stick up their noses at....and I dont care. I am glad to have finally hit it since that was one of my biggest goals. I can now spend more time doing instancing and pvp.

Speaking of PvP, that is what I have been doing for most of my play time recently. I have been attempting to get my Warlock as geared out as he can be for PvP. I have Deady chest, pants, and shoulders at the moment. I am at about enough honor for the gloves or bracers, but I think I am going to save a bit more for the furious cloak. I will then probably use my arena points and a bit more honor to pick up the deadly gladiator's helm. I also picked up one of the platinum disk trinkets that give me ninetysomething resilience. My resilience is currently sitting in the 400s. Not great, but getting there.

With transfering a lot of my gold around to my other toons I finally picked up dual spec with my Warlock. It is also a Destro build, but I got a lot more survivability talents. I am noticing that it is getting harder to kill me, and as I get accustomed to the destro pvp, I am killing stuff alot easier.

Before long, I will hopefully be the BG wrecking machine that I was during BC. Then perhaps I can team up with my old arena team mate to do some smashing.

Right now I am waiting for the stupid ass server to restart for some reason.

What kind of weekend did you have?

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Arioch said...

I healed!

And there was only 1 wipe and 1 extra death.

The glyph market on my server has been weird ever since around that MMO Champ article so my gold making schemes are a little lean right now.