Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekend Update

Well, I am going to update you on my weekend if you want it or not. To be honest, there was not a lot of WoW going on this weekend. Most of the play time has been this morning. So, I will give you a mixed grab bag of weekend goings on, with my sensational real life self as well as WoW.

WoW Update: So, I actually didnt touch WoW until today really. I think I update my auctions once. Yeah, not terribly exciting. Today has been slightly more eventful as far as WoW goes. I started off by milling the thousand gold worth of herbs I bought. WHOPEE. Are you hearts racing with excitement yet? No?!? Yeah, well me either. I then turned the 500 plus inks into glyphs. I had been slacking incredibly on the glyph industry and was down to about 120 posted. Obviously they werent the best glyphs because those ones had sold out a while ago.

So, now I can continue on my not so incredible journey to the gold cap. The sad thing is that the majority of glyphs are going between 3-5 gold each. It is hard to make a bunch of money of such sucktastic profit.

I did my Wintergrasp weekly quests on my Warlock this morning and am sitting at around 54k honor. I kind of want to do another week of arena for some points before spending all of that honor. We owned the battleground as we usually do and then I jumped into LFG for some VoA action. I love how it is called Vault of Archavon when he is the shittiest easy boss in this expansion. We went in, smashed it up nicely and I got some t9 gloves out of the deal. I also ended up second on the damage meter at around 3300 dps. This is probably thanks to the fact that every thing in there is single target. No stupid AOE to bring down my numbers.

Real Life: So, real life was as I explained. I partied like a rock star. Well not quite like a rock star I suppose. There were no drugs and prostitutes I partied more like Kenny G or some shit. Went out for some karaoke with the buddies including Occeleta. We really were the most awesome people there. Most of the other singers were:

A) Old
B) Singing Depressing Ballads.

There was even a dude there that I started calling Chef since he sang like Isaac Hayes (RIP). Every song he sang was some sappy love song and his girlfriend would come up and dance with him half way through the predictable /facepalm.

As for me, I rocked out with my cock out. Well not really as I didnt want to go to jail.....and my wife would kill me. But I did rock the house with some AC/DC and some Bon Jovi. It was a nice change of pace from the slow, depressing, I want to shoot my face off stlye of the other karaoke singers.

Overall, it was an awesome time. I think I had 6-7 Jaeger Redbulls over the course of the evening. Well, that is what I ordered. I think the bartender thought that Jaeger and Redbull meant Jaeger with ice in it.

Anyways, back to the game.......hope you all had a fantastic weekend as well.


Angry Gamer said...

Heya! Nice blog! My weekend update was so so.

Mostly Heroics, dailies and then logged out and played Dragon Age. Any plans to hit the warrior up anymore?

Fish said...

Great, I had JUST got my new haircut out of my head when there it goes. .


I don't karaoke. . .prolly cuz I can't sing. But I will rock out some guitar hero. . .