Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Patch, WHOOPDEE DOO!!!!

As you can tell, I am not all the incredibly excited. I did not see anything that will get me playing my Alliance toons anytimes soon.

The prot Warrior changes looked plenty sexy. More stamina. HELLS YEAHS. More damage for Revenge....CAN I GET A WHUT WHUT. Improved Revenge is no longer a stun, but now hits a second target. WOOT. AOE IN DA HOUSE.

Speaking of Warriors, my Horde Warrior is now up to level 74 and sitting at 22 emblems of Heroism. I will be able to get my first sexy piece of gear by the time I hit level 80. I am still noticing that I am usually still first or second in damage in any given instance. DPS must just really be that bad. I picked up the tanking weapon from the Ragemane's flipper quest and whacked away at some Scarlet Onslaught dudes. Your weapon skill is now at 2 LOL. I ended up getting it up to about 300 or so before calling it a night.

Next level I will be able to use those delicious socketable JC trinkets....and I will be able to put delicious Stamina Dragoneyes in them. MMMMMM OP Warrior tank.

I have also been making a decent amount of coin with my inscription and jewelcrafting. I havent been selling a whole lot of rare quality gems because I don't have the proper cuts, but the uncommon ones have been selling nicely. Plus, I have stepped up my inscription on this server. Sitting at about 2k gold on my bank toon after starting at about 200. Progress is progress.

Real life is still incredibly busy. Hope all is well with you blogtastic sumofabitches.

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Vordan said...

For the first time in a LONG time I went through all the patch notes as it was installing the patch and...I read the paladin/warrior stuff and BG/LFD stuff and the rest really didnt interest me. Will have to see how it all goes when the patch is done and I can stay logged in for more than a minute without being disconnected.