Monday, March 1, 2010

Northrend from the Other Side

This weekend I took my Horde Warrior into Northrend for the first time. I have been through both Borean Tundra and Howling Fjorde so many times on my Alliance toons that I pretty much have that shit memorized....this is so very backwards for me.

And by backwards, I dont know which way is up. Funny how the simple relocation of quest hubs can fuck your sense of direction right up.

I got to the point where I would just have my sister lead the way. There are many of the same quests, but there are also plenty that are different.

As Alliance, I always rode by those kobolds and moths and thought......what the hell are they there for? Well, there is a big ass quest chain for the Horde. Finishing up the moth things sends you to get the nice blue weapon and 30k xp. As Alliance, you have to work hard for that weapon by fighting the vampire dude on top of the necropolis.

As Horde, that shit is handed to you on a silver fucking platter. Not that I am complaining (well that much at least).

Many of the quests are very much them same, just from different quest hubs. The Taunka'Li or whatever the buffalo dudes are called are basically the same thing as the Gnomes at Fizzcrank airstrip. They give you almost identical quests with a few different ones thrown in here and there.

One of the quests I enjoyed at the beggining of Borean Tundra was taking the Alliance traitor and giving him back. I got a Gnome....and named him Gnomeageddon. And he just didnt want to leave me apparently. Even after I gave him back and got credit for it. He was still following me around like a little puppy dog. I had to let him know "Hey, I am Darraxus.....I am not Megs. Get lost you ugly little bugger." I was actually sad when he finally got taken down to China Town by one of the shitty little kobolds.

Overall, I am making pretty decent progress through Borean Tundra. I am now about three bubbles from 70 which will be huge for a few reasons. I will get a couple of Emblems for the regular dungeon daily. I will also get all of the more powerful level 70 abilities and be able to wear some of the Cobalt shit that I picked up on the AH.

Once I hit 70, I will be getting back to tanking some instances. I enjoy tanking. I just dont enjoy tanking when there are going to be a bunch of overeager DPS running around in Heirlooms doing big time dps.

I imagine I will probably do all of the Nexus quests before I actually do my first dungeon. Better to have all of those available right at the start.

Anyways, that was pretty much my weekend in a nut shell. How was yours?


Arioch said...

And I'm in the process of doing them from the Alliance side for the first time.

The prisoner return quest was one of my favorites, I loved listening to the orc give his kid a life lesson in regards to the prisoners. But I didn't notice a matching quest on the Alliance side, probably since the Horde don't surrender. =)

Anonymous said...

i have 2 80s from each, Horde and Alliance and i am working on my third horde 80. imo, the horde quests are more meaningful and immersive and fun. and give better rewards in some cases. here are my top 10 reasons i prefer Horde...

1. you get to fight with Saurfang
2. you get to fight with Saurfang
3. easy blue weapon in BT
4. scarab of isanoth(Horde only)
5. Angmar's hammer quests
6. the undead quests, especially fighting the scarlet whatevers
7. taking back icemist village with the taunka chieftan
8. Conquest Hold pit fighting
9. you get to fight with Saurfang
10. you know.

Anonymous said...

i thought the alliance verson of that quest for the blue weapon was so easy. On horde you have to work you butt of to get, will maybe not that hard but it does take a lot longer to get that the alliance side. that quest is the 1st one i do when i hit 68 on my alliance toons.

Darth Solo said...

Well that blue weapon quest sounds like an incentive to dust off my 67 orc shaman and finally get him to Northrend.

Askevar said...

Always wondered what Horde side Northrend looks like...

Anonymous said...


I make a post about my puppy love errr stalking for Megan, One minute, then read this the next.

Yes, I lol'd and the people at work wondered how my testing spreadsheets because so much fun... I think they want me to share them out now...